Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting ready for the So Cal Smackdown

Well after a long hiatus it is time once again to bring forth the foot Eldar to the So Cal Smackdown on Labor Day.


I have only played my Eldar twice this year at the Broadside Bash and at the 'Ard Boyz prelims. I have gone 6-1-1 with them, but there are now a ton of Space Wolves and Blood Angels players and I get to see if the humble foot Eldar still have what it takes to go up against the heavy hitters in 5th edition.


Because of the missions of the So Cal Smackdown I am going to modify my list just a little bit and take a couple of falcons to help out with a bit of the mobility issues the army has. Sure I feel a little dirty and like I am cheating taking them, but hey, I need a golden ticket. If it were not for the missions, I would not take them and I would take Wraithlords instead, because you end up saving a lot of points in your army that can be applied elsewhere. In these missions though, nothing is as good as taking a couple of resilient, fast moving, transports. Last time I failed to build my army around the missions, and just took whatever army I wanted to and it ended up biting me on the rear for not specializing, so I will not make the same mistake twice.


So now I get to work on my Jetbikes. I have been using some bad models for them in the past, and I am converting some to be Harlequin Jetbikes to also go with a future Harlequin army.


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  1. Good luck Allan. I hope you get your golden ticket. It would be nice to see ya in Vegas.