Monday, September 27, 2010

Where I will be

Neoncon: Las Vegas NV. Nov 5-6th

It looks like the next event for me will be Neoncon in Vegas. I am on the fence about this one though because it is the weekend before: 

Da Boyz GT: Rochester NY Nov 12-14th

I am flying out there for this event. They have over 80 people signed up and they are a lot of top players. By popular demand, (and they go weill with the comp rules) I will once again be playing my foot eldar.

Edit: 10/13/2010
Since I am going to Da Boyz GT in Buffalo, I might go to Mechanicon on Philly that weekend before and then rent a car and see some sights while I drive to Buffalo.


  1. We've got quite the star-studded roster at DaBoyz GT, awesome.

  2. Alan, I am not expecting a vast turnout for NeonCon as there has been some side drama. Plus the Alamo is the same weekend. I think we will end up with numbers similar to what you saw at Smackdown. Prize support will be identical. The only change is that the reroll tokens will not be allowed to be used to reroll anything that occurs outside a game turn (eg Sieze or Variable Game Length) because of the drama it induced.

  3. No problem. I should sign up this weekend.