Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The 11th company podcast

I see Pat from the 11th company has joined my friends list and I wanted to say a few things about his podcast.

I listen to a lot of 40K podcasts and the 11th company podcast is my favorite. They are knowledgeable and keep the focus on 40K. When most podcasts are just gaming groups just sitting around shooting the bull about almost everything except 40k, the 11th company stays on topic with good information, excellent interviews, and tournament talk.

The only part of the 11th company podcast I can do without is the segment where Neal talks to that one guy for 30 minutes (Farseer Baklava?). That segment drags, is not focused, and unfortunately he is not knowledgeable to discuss some of the things that he is talking about.

I was listening to Darkwynn's interview in Pat's corner and called him the other night and I was busting his balls about his Blood Angels list. I expect to see it or a version of it at Da Boyz GT and I want to see how my mighty foot Eldar do against it.