Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blackmoor's upcoming events

These are the major tournaments that I am thinking about going to next year:
Conquest NW: Seattle WA. Jan 15-17. Still iffy about going, but will know by Dec. 15th.
Broadside Bash: Los Angeles, Ca. Feb. 13-15. This one is easy for me to go to, but I had a bad experience last year with it. Poorly run in all facets.
Adepticon: Chicago, IL. March 26-28
BolsCon: Austin, TX Unknown?
ETC: Munster, Germany Aug (If they can get an American team together)
Heat 2 of the UK GT: Nottingham England Nov
I might go to other events, but we will see what other tournaments are coming up next year.
And of course you can find me at any other 40K tournament within 100 miles of Phoenix

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  1. Allan you better come to Bolscon buddy :D

    Will have to buy you drinks for when you come down