Friday, October 30, 2009

My next army project

Every year I start a new army to give myself something to do between the Baltimore GT and Adepticon while the tournament season slows down and it recharges my engines for the Warhammer 40K hobby. Of course there was no Baltimore GT this year, but this is still time to work on something new.

After reading this thread about Darth Diggler's 'Ard Boyz army:
It made me think of working on a chaos equivalent. This leads me to my Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons idea I have had kicking around for a few years. Not only that, but it seems that there is a renewed interest in them with the re-launch of the Space Wolves, and with the Black Library's Horus Heresy books focusing on them with the upcoming releases of Prospero Burns and Thousand Sons. So I think I will revisit my favorite army for next year's tournament season.

To build this army I cracked open the The Horus Heresy "Collected Vision" book for the look and feel of the army, and after going through it all I have to say is that it will be a ton of work to capture that look! Not only that but painting red is my personal kryptonite.


  1. So with Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons are you going to use Codex Space Marines to build the army?

  2. Interesting.

    I am curious, but didn't you attempt to use a Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons army before? With just limited Codex: Chaos Space Marine choices?

    Or as Jim says, are you going to use Codex Space Marines?