Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rise of the Tyranids

I am thinking about selling my Tyranid army on e-bay for several months now, but I just have never gotten around to it. I have not played the army in about 3 years. The reason why I quit was that I was winning a lot of games with the Godzilla list including the KublaCon 5-game RTT up in San Francisco. I ended up winning so much that I was getting hammered on my soft scores like comp and sports, so I was winning all of my games, but I was not winning the tournaments. Also it was just a little too easy to win, and by that time the whole Godzilla craze was sweeping the nation and so I just hung it up.


With the new codex hitting the ground, I am thinking of blowing the dust off of them to play one last time before they get sold.


Here is my models that I have for my 4th edition Tyranids:

2 Hive Tyrants with magnetized upgrades

3 Tyrant Guards

3 Zoanthropes

1 Lictor

32 Hormagants

16 Hormagants w/Toxin Sacks and Adrenal Gland

32 Termagants w/Spinefists

16 Termagants w/Devourerer

28 Genestealers

Ripper Swarms

16 Gargoyles

5 Tyranid Shrikes

3 Biovores

6 Carnifexes


So I have to make an army out of that. I was tempted to buy a Mawloc or some other pieces, but since they are going on e-bay, I see no point in buying anything more.

I made a few armies out of it, and I was not happy with them, so I still might bring my Eldar.


  1. I find it very hard myself to make a competent list if it involves Carnifexes. Due to the fact that Carnifexes are worse now than they were before and cost about double - I feel that you have to include Trygons or Mawlocs to make a competent army. Even then, I feel it is useful for a walking Tyranid army to have Tervigons in troop slots for the additional TMC factor. Just my opinion.

  2. The problem I had was anti-tank for Mech armies. I thought about Hive Guard but I do not like their range (24"), or their cost since I would have to buy them, and I did not want to invest any more $$$. That leaves me with big bug venom cannons, and those cost a ton, or zoanthropes again with the short range.

    I was planning on converting up a Tervigon because I was going with a little bug swarm, and they are a force multiplier. The good thing is that I have enough bitz to whip one up.

    You are right, the big problem now is the carnifexs. GW has sold enough of the kits now that they are over priced, but the Trygon and the Mawloc are way under priced. I would imagine GW did this to sell more models since everyone own's carnifexes, they want to now sell Trygons.

  3. I don't see Trygons as undercosted. They are 200 points with no upgrades. If you add the Prime upgrade and adrenal glands it's the same cost as a landraider. So you have to ask yourself is a Trygon Prime as good or better than a landraider? I have not had much time yet this year to play Nidz yet so my thoughts are mostly pure theory hammer. The Prime does look pretty darn good on paper with 12 S5 shots to boot and I think you really need to factor in how a unit does in relation to it's supporting units. There are some units that can drop a Prime quickly in close combat BUT they are pricey (thinking Blood Crushers & assault terminators) plus it might not be possible to focus solely on taking out a Prime. Now a landraider is very survivable, can transport awesome assault units and is great as fire support. I find the Prime and landraider to be roughly equivalent in terms of the points you are paying for what they can bring to the table. The Mawloc on the other hand is cheaper but so far it doesn't seem to be that popular.


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  5. Hey Blackmoor I am having problems making a competitive tyranid list, cause there is no take all comers list. If you have the time could you help as you are super good at list writing and tactics.

  6. I will see what I can do for you. I will make some lists that I would not mind playing.