Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Updated Tournament Schedule

It looks like I will be really busy this spring. Here are the events that I will be at:

The Broadside Bash

Los Angeles, CA

February 13th - 14th



Chicago, IL

March 26th-28th


Slaughter In Space 2

Ontario, CA

April 16th-18th


'Ard Boyz Tournament

Mesa, AZ?

May 15th

Unknown if I will attend:

ConQuest Invasion

Los Angeles, CA

June 26th -27th


I have no idea about this convention because I have never heard of them before. Not only that, but they are the ones that put on the Seattle Tournament that did not go well. It would have been better if they had it on Memorial Day weekend instead of the week before. It is only $50 if I sign up before Feb 28th.


Austin, TX

June 29th-1st

Austin, TX


The heat of Texas in July? Even though it does not seem that far from me here in AZ, it is far away. I am on the fence about it, and I need to see more info before I commit to going all the way out there.

So over all it seems like a busy spring for me with a major event every month. I hope to buy a house by April or May, and then I can take it easy in the soul crushing heat and stay indoors and work on a new army (either Nids, Space Wolves, Chaos, or Eldar).

The funny thing is that I have a full Space Wolf army and a Tyranid army and I want to play my old 4th edition Eldar. I just like them, and unlike the flavor of the month, they are not that common anymore, but I am glad to show up to prove people wrong if they think they can't compete.


  1. Do you know what is weird about all of these tournaments?

    Most of them are 2000 points. When did that become the norm? It seems like a little while ago when they were all 1750.

  2. The change appeared to have happened last year, especially out here in California. At the beginning of the year everything was 1850 (I have no idea who came up with that number), the next thing you know summer is over and 2000 points are the norm.

    While I think it would be interesting to see you run a Space Wolf army at these tournaments - I think everyone else will agree that we have gotten used to seeing you and your foot Eldar army...would kind of miss seeing the batreps of it.

  3. Generally tournaments mirrored the GW GTs.

    Prior to about 5 years ago they were at 1850 points. Then they dropped down to 1750 points.

    I understand that point change in RTTs to match the GTs, but then why all of a sudden on its own the norm for tournaments became 2000 points?

  4. What happened to the Heresy TS? You saving them for the Adepticon...or did you nail down a list yet? Any pics of the conversions?