Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thousand Son update

I have not forgotten them but I am waiting for it to get above 100 degrees outside before I get to work on them.


The last of my temple bases just came in to the Warstore from when I ordered them on Thanksgiving, so they should be here soon. I like the temple bases from MAS because those look good for the fall of Prospero.


Dave Taylor did a few pre-heresy Emperor's Children:

The pre-heresy EC though look very different than the others because they were the only ones that wore the aquilla. Also the look of the Thousand Sons is very unique, but he had one interesting thing in his rhinos. I am going to convert my rhinos too even though I have several of the old rhinos, I like the clean lines of the new rhinos. I am going to do what he did, but I am going to add a curved exhaust vents, and some screen-like texture in the front and rear panels. I might buy the chapterhouse pre-heresy rhino kit just for those.


I posted a poll on Dakka to see what makes for a better pre-heresy land raider

There is something that I find interesting about the old land raider, maybe beause I have never owned one. I might try to modernize the old model.


Oh, and one last note: I am taking golden demon winner Chris Borer's painting class at Adepticon. I need to ask him how to paint red and gold.

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  1. I would go with the new Pre-Heresy Land Raider from FW. I think it would allow you to get your army together much faster than converting the pre-heresy model. Plus it would be cheaper.