Monday, May 3, 2010

What I have been up to

I have been getting ready for the 'Ard Boyz. I have a couple of weeks to get ready. Lucky for me the army does not have to be painted. I am torn between trying out the new Nid's and going with the old tried-and-true Eldar. With the new codexes that are out there we are going to have trouble with some of them but Seer Councils are the great equalizer, and I will see if I can make it work.

I may just play both of them and do the marathon 'Ard Boyz. There is a store that has the 'Ard Boyz at night so I can do like I did last year and play 2 tournaments and play for almost 20 hears strait like I did last year.

2009 'Ard Boyz #1 Space Wolves (old codex, a year too soon!)

2009 'Ard Boyz #2 Eldar

After 6 long games I was beat, that was a lot of 40k in one day.

Also this week I am I am working on some e-mails that I have received asking for Eldar advice that I will be posting shortly. I have not had the time to get to yet, but I will write the posts up at work this week.

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