Monday, March 12, 2012

Blackmoor goes to the BAO

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I am without internet access until next weekend.

So last weekend I took advantage of the player base in LA I went to the Game Empire RTT in Pasadena last Sat. and I went 1-1-1. I played my BAO list with some minor modifications since I could not get my printer to work. I was upset at it because the RTT was at 1850 points just like the Adepticon Championships and I want to try out my list for that. Oh well. But 1-1-1 bodes well that there will be some good competition here to keep my game play sharp. I was tempted to go to Thou Shalt Game in Temecula CA, but I was wiped out, and dead tired so I did not want to take the time for the long drive and 4 rounds. Also I just played 7 games with the BAO format (and 10 games overall last weekend) so I wanted to take it easy and check out the local talent.

So at the BAO I went 6-1. I lost to the winner Christian’s Euro Mech IG. I was winning on turns 5 and 6, but I could not shoot his stupid Vendetta down that I had been shooting at all game, and he contested my Capture and Control objective so he had his, he had the Objectives, and I had Kill Points. Oh well.

I ended up tying for 2nd place but the tie breaker was strength of schedule and I guess he had a stronger schedule than I did (although he did not play the winner and highest score Christian), so that dropped me to 2nd and I did not even win best grey knight!

Oh well. I might put up some batreps when I get the internet set up, but I am really busy right now with my move and everything. I joined a league here and I am playing my Eldar, but before I get to fancy I need to finish my Grey Knights for Adepticon.  


  1. The guy who got 2nd is one of the locals in my area. That gk list is brutal. Congrats on another excellent tournament!

  2. 1-1-1.... sounds like you are slipping. Not sure you can stay on my bucket list if you keep that up. :)

  3. I take it easy at RTTs.

    When I am playing at GTs is when I step up my game.

    The funny this is that I dropped the Psybolt ammo in my strikes and interceptor squad and added a Dred to my BAO list, and I would have been better off with playing a 100 points down with the BAO setup. Psybolt ammo is that important to the army.