Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My tournament cup runneth over!

So many choices of where to play!

So I am use to not having any choices of where to play a tournament. There is a game store (Empire Games in Mesa AZ) that hold an RTT about every other month, and then there are the other game stores in AZ that do not tell you when they are having them because they do not want their regulars to attend anywhere else, and they do not want outsiders to come in. I will say that Empire Games started to recently get a good crowd at their tournaments. It use to be that they only had about 10 players who were all new players and now they are getting around 25 players and some of them are pretty good (where were they for the last 3 years?). 

So I am moving to LA on Feb 29th (should be easy to remember that date) and I have all kinds of choices and opportunities to play in tournaments. I am not a stranger to LA since I was born and raised there, and played in my share of tournaments. The reason why is because where I was living did not have a local game store (this is pre-Game Empire Pasadena) so to play any games of Warhammer I had to drive a long ways to RTTs (that got me into the habit of driving/traveling far for tournaments). The reason why I started to drive to tournaments is that it guaranteed me a day of gaming, and the side effect was that I started to get really good at tournaments.

So now in LA I am driving up to the Bay Area this weekend to play in the BAO, then next weekend I have to choose between a tournament at Thou Shalt Game in Temecula, or an RTT at Game Empire Pasadena. I do know that I have to be at GE Pasadena the next day on March 11th to sign up for a league. Then the Ironman in Las Vegas on March 24th and from there are a bunch of other RTTs and tournaments so I certainly will have my dance card full (I hope) whenever I want to game. This is going to be a nice change for me.


  1. You should come to BeakyCon in Tampa this October. We are moving up to 64 players - six rounds - one undefeated player. We designed the mission format that is used by other GTs such as Bay Area Open. There is going to be some top players attending this year.

  2. Enjoy the tournament hub my friend. I miss 2-3 RTT's a month within 15-20 minutes :)