Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blackmoor’s Harlequin Army

There has been a lot of talk about the Harlequins on the blogs these days and they are an army I have been thinking about playing for a while now. I like the look and the fluff (Yeah, I said it!) of the army.


What re-ignited my interest in them was that I found 10 harlequin jetbike face plates at a reasonable price over on E-bay. Normally they sell for around $10 each and I picked them up for around $3.50 each.


Since I am a big fan of Fritz over at The Way of Saim Hann and on his blog he has been running a Harlequin based army and I took a look at what he has been doing. He runs an army based around Harlequins, with Pathfinders as troops, and Wraithlords as heavy support. This army would have been great in 4th edition as a point denial army, but in 5th edition it is a bit fragile and lacks some punch. I would like to see some more batreps to see what this army can do. Horde armies seem like it is a big weakness as well as mech armies.


My Harlequin army will try to stay true to the 3rd edition Harlequin army that was in the Citadel Journal issue #39. It was a trial list so that is why no one ever real saw it in action. Another of the reasons why you never saw it was that it was not a really good army.


Here are the units that were in it, and how I will try to adapt them to the new elder codex:



The Great Harlequin

This guy was the head of the Masque and he can could kick some rear.

4th Edition equivalent: Autarch, Phoenix Lord



This is the psycher of the masque

4th Edition equivalent: Farseer




This guy is an army of one. Use to be able to take a unit on by himself.

4th Edition equivalent: Phoenix Lord (Karendras), Autarch


Death Jesters

1-3 guys that are like a heavy support option and are armed with Missile Launchers and Brightlances

4th Edition equivalent: Dark Reapers



Harlequin Troupe

They don't need an explanation

4th Edition equivalent: Harlequins of course!


Fast Attack

Harlequin Jetbike Squad

Harlequins on bikes!

4th Edition equivalent: Jetbikes, Shining Spears


Heavy Support


A Venom was a modified Vyper that was able to navigate the webway. In the game it was able to carry 6 passengers, and had a Vyper's stats.

4th Edition equivalent: Falcon (Up gunned, and up armored version)


So to sum it up these are the units I can use:


Aurtarch + (Yriel)

Farseer + (Eldrad)

Seer Council

Phoenix Lord






Guardian Jetbikes


Fast Attack

Shining Spears


Heavy Support


Dark Reapers


That is not much to go on.


So in our next chapter I will come up with some lists based on those units, and how in the heck am I going to win with a small expensive army against the heavy hitters of 5th edition.


  1. I love old rare themed armies - I do the Lost and the damned - do put up pics.

  2. I had some fun back in the day having my IG get torn up by that old Harlie list. :-) IIRC there also used to be Harlequin Wraithlords (who could mount a D-cannon...), so 'lords could be another option.

    You could also run Wave Serpents as Venoms too, and if you want to keep to the 6-strong restriction, just make whatever squad they carry six or under.

    If you're willing to stretch things a bit with some more counts-as and expand the Harlie background more you could even add other things - for example, something like teleporting Harlies with larger, ranged Kiss projectors (aka Warp Spiders) could fit pretty easily.

    Good luck!