Monday, June 7, 2010

Foot Eldar Battle Report #2

So I went and finished up the 5th and final Broadside Bash Battle report. You can see them all here:

Game #1

Game #2

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Game #5


Broadside Bash recap

So I finished 4-1 with a Minor Loss, Minor win, Major Win, 2 Massacres


Out of 47 players I finished 20th. I got hit hard in the soft scores. I was comped poorly (I guess they do not read the internet to know how bad foot eldar is). My Comp score was 22 which was the same as Reese's 3 Land Raider Space Wolf list. And here is the funny part, Hulksmash scored 27 points in Comp with a Razorback and Long Fang spam Space Wolf list. And people think comp is not broken?


Now as far as real scores goes, I got 72 battle points and finished in 7th place.


After action report

Well, I had mixed results with the Warp Spyders. The shot, and moved, but even with their 3+ save they had a bit of a glass jaw. With their 12" range they were in the middle of the action, so that means that they were in the center of the action. Whenever the Exarch was in combat power blades were a total waste. Even with his high I, he would totally whiff with his strength of 3. Also they never lived long enough to withdraw, so I have to think about using both of those in the future.


I really ended up liking the Wraithlords. My favorite units perform well in a lot of roles, and Wraithlords fit that description. They can shoot heavy weapons at range, flamer hordes, and do well in assault. I always thought that a wraithsword was a waste with them, but now I am having second thoughts about it with the amount of assault that they end up seeing.


I also made the mistake of being a bit troop light for 2000 points. I had a couple of opponents finally wise up and try to take them out, and that was a bit of an Achilles heel for me. I need to take some Dire Avengers or more Jetbikes to help out on that front.


Otherwise it worked as intended.


At the beginning of every tournament you walk do the line and check out the all of the armies and you see the ones that you want to play and the ones that you don't. There were some tough builds there (for my army) and I would have liked to have been matched up against one or two of them, but I did not end up facing them.


It was really good to get whooped in a tournament that I had no chance of winning. I needed a good humbling. I was getting cocky and sloppy.


It was also kind of funny about my comp scores. The judges scored my army very comp friendly (from 1-6 with 6 being fluffy, I got a 5 and a 6), but when graded by my opponents I scored very low comp. Looking at a sheet of paper with some Eldar units that are not used that often is very different from being hammered with a ton of strength 6 shooting every turn.


  1. Interesting to here your experience with Warp Spiders, I have tried them a few times with the same results! Powerblades suck and I never get a chance to use Hit and Run (except the time I did not take it - typical)

    I know some people have great success with these guy's, so I will keep trying :-)

  2. I agree about the Spider in CC. It hasn't stopped me from using them, I get fixated on units most people hate. Because of all the s6 shooting I dropped the Farseer and went for two Autarchs with jumppacks and fusion guns.

    The +2 to reserve rolls allows for everything to reserve on turn 2 with a 2+. Autarchs with mandiblasters and powerswords gets me 6 more powerweapon attacks on the charge. 10 powerweapon attacks at I6+ helps out alot, in cc. I also use the extra wounds on the autarch to soak light fire. Fusion guns are the main weapon on the Autarchs so if need be I can threaten AV and walkers.

    To keep my guardians from running off objectives the warlocks get embolden. I don't know this list would fair under comp but it's served me well for a year and a half.

    Thanks for the BR's Bloackmoor.


  3. apologizing for mistypes in the last post!

  4. I want to try Autarchs but you need a more hybrid list that what I run.

    I like Warp Spyders a lot, but they really suck in assault.