Wednesday, June 2, 2010

That crazy Stelek!

In this post Stelek once again attacks me:

And so I go through what he said and picked it apart and showed his hypocirsy. No personal attacks, nothing that wasn't the truth that I proved by posting links (that I did) and what did he do? He deleted it.

See, Stelek is a legend in his own mind, and he might be one in his basement, but when I showed he were he is wrong over and over he gets angry.

I have to go to work but here is just one gem:

Stelek wrote "Brian could not have beaten me.  Brian did not start in reserve.  Sorry, does a unit of outflanking War Walkers count as 'in reserve'?  Oh right, another red herring,#3."

Let's take a look at Stelek's own battle report:

This is what he had to say there:
"His Wraithlords he kept in reserve, and it cost him the game (I can't kill them easily)."   

So I repeat what he said in his own battle report and I and the one who is wrong?


  1. To be honest I wouldn't even bother if I were in your situation. There's no way they are going to change their minds. Stelek has completely warped their view on 40k.

  2. The issue is that simply Stelek wont admit he can possibly be wrong.

  3. I posted all of these links and stated the facts of where he was wrong and he deleted my posts.

    He still has not said what 2 events that he played in 5th edition. (I think he made a mistake thinking the first Vegas GT was using 5th edition).

    I can't have a debate with him in his playground using his rules. He is like a child and he takes his toys and goes home.

    What I find ironic is the name of his blog is "Yes the truth hurts" but he protects himself from any truth hurting him.

  4. I wouldn't waste your time. It is only a game and nothing of true importance can come from it. Its a shame that so much of his stuff is hostile and negative as a few of his articles were quite pretty good reads.

  5. Stelek will always have about 20 different very annoying character traits when posting online. In the real world he is a decent guy. I don't know why everyone reads his blog, I guess it's good to have someone to hate. If all the jerk offs are posting on his site that is great that he has pipered them away from us. Now they aren't polluting the forums and other blogs as much.