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Game # 2 Blackmoor Demonhunters vs. Grimjob's Orks

Game # 2 Blackmoor vs. Grimjob
So in the second round I get paired up against Grimjob. We have been at a lot of tournaments together, but have just missed playing each other. He said that he would not be able to make it because he would be coaching baseball this weekend and he said that he could not make it, but he was rained out and he showed up. I am glad that I had the opportunity to match up against his orks and see what my army can do since he has been winning a lot of tournaments with them lately.

Grimjob’s Orks
Ghazghkull Thraka (He is becoming almost as popular as Eldrad)
Big Mech w/Kustom Force Field, Power Klaw

10 Lootas
5 Lootas
5 Lootas

Cybork Nob w/Waaagh Banner. Power Klaw. Cybork Body
Cybork Nob w/ Power Klaw. Cybork Body
Cybork Nob w/Big Choppa, Bosspole, Cybork Body
Cybork Nob w/ Big Choppa, Cybork Body
Cybork Nob w/ Kombi-Rokkit, Bosspole, Cybork Body, Ammo Runt
Cybork Nob w/ Kombi-Rokkit, Cybork Body, Ammo Runt
Cybork Nob w/ Kombi-Skorcha, Cybork Body
Painboy w/Cybork Body, Grot Orderly

18 Boyz w/Shootas, Bosspole, 1 Rokkit
Nob w/Powerklaw

18 Boyz w/Shootas, Bosspole, 1 Rokkit
Nob w/Powerklaw

19 Gretchen

Fast Attack
Deffkopta w/TL Rokkits, Buzzsaw

Heavy Support
Battle Wagon w/Deffrolla, Kannon, Boarding Plank, Red Paint Job, Stikkbombs, Grot Riggers
Battle Wagon w/Deffrolla, Kannon, Boarding Plank, Red Paint Job, Grot Riggers
Battle Wagon w/Deffrolla, Kannon, Boarding Plank, Red Paint Job

Ghaz+Battle Wagons+Big mech is always a tough match-up.

Deployment Zone: Pitched Battle
Mission: Modified Annihilation
All HQs are worth 3 points
All Troops are worth 2 Points
Everything else is 1 Point
If you have twice as many KP as your opponent you get 17 and they get 3.
If you have more KPs, then they have you get 13 and they get 7.
If a tie then if you score 200 more VPs then you score 11 and they score 9
A tie is 8 points
+2 Points if you have more total units alive (not falling back) than your opponent.
+1 Point if you have a scoring unit (not falling back) in your opponents deployment zone.

I win the dice roll to go first and I set up. 

My setup
Battle Wagon Orks drive forward having their front armor of 14 and the protection of the KFF from the Big Mek protecting them. You have to kill the Battle Wagons because not only is that there mobility, and the way that they deliver their payload, but add to this the fact that Deffrollas can destroy an army just by themselves. So the way to defeat them is to split up. The BW have to stick together to get the KFF save, and they need to protect their side armor. If you can get shots at their side armor, that is when you have a good chance to kill them. The problem is how do you split up? I knew a Land Raider would go into each corner, and then I would take a couple of Chimeras to go with them, and then have a couple of units in the middle. At this point I am regretting taking the Melta Guns off of the IG squads.

 He responds by putting his lootas scatted in cover and he started all of his BW on the left side. He starts with is Deffkopta in reserve (to outflank) and he Grots in reserve.

Left Side of the Table
Right Side of the table

Turn #1

Demonhunter Turn #1
No movement, so I start blasting and I end up killing Gaz’s Battle Wagon. Eat hot ion vapor space scum!!!
I do a lot of wounds to his Lootas, but he makes a lot of saves and I only kill a few.

Ork Turn #1
Since Ghaz's Battle Wagon got shot out from under him, he has a Boyz squad pile out, and he jumps in their ride. He moves his BWs forward and his lootas do what they do best. They end up immobilizing the Chimera on the far right, and blowing up the Chimera in the middle. 

Long View of the table

Left side close up 

Turn #2
Demonhunter Turn #2
Well, the fight looks like it will be on the left half of the table so I move out the Land Raider with the Terminators to get them closer to the action. My shooting Immobilizes the Battle Wagon with the Big Mek. I shoot at some more Lootas and I can't get them to run. 

Ork Turn #2
He repairs his immobilized BW with his Big Mek after the Grot Riggers failed. He drives up to my Land Raider and he does not get out so I thought I would be fine, but then he drops his boarding plank and is able to attack it and immobilize it. His Deffkopta comes on the the left side as well and attacks my Chimera and knocks the multi-laser off and stuns it too. 

Turn #3
Demonhunter Turn #3
I get my GK out of the Land Raider and move to the very back corner. I am worried about him using the Deffrolla on the LR, and then charging the GKs, so I try to protect them for a round. I did not have to worry, because the LR used it's machine spirit to blow up the BW. The Deffkopta gets shot down by the units on the right.

Left side

Center of the table

Ork Turn #3
He calls his WAAGH! and moves his last Battlewagon forward. I made a mistake and forgot about his Waagh move, and he is able to hit both the GKs and the IG in the center of the board with his Boyz. I whiff with my GKs and only kill a couple of guys (I thought I would do a lot better with WS5 and Str 6), and he kills my IG and I have to make a lot of saves on my GKs do to no retreat and lose a few more of them. Ghaz kills my Land Raider on the left.  He also multi-charges the Chimera on the left and blows it up and the 2 guys that live through the explosion run off of the board.
(No Picture because I forget sometimes when I have to do some thinking)

Turn #4
Demonhunter Turn #4
On the left side I charge Ghaz and his Nobs. This was huge mistake and I do not know why I did it. I guess that I wanted to keep him from getting the charge bonus. The was a bad move for 2 reasons. The first is that I had to charge through cover and striked last (I wondered about this because I was in cover {a crater from the chimera} and I am charging out of it to his squad that was standing outside of the difficult terrain and he said that he went first and I let it go) If I would have stayed in my crater I would get to swing first, and he would have wasted one of his turns to assault and kill them. The way it was is that he killed them, and then he got a consolidation move, and is free to do what he wants to on his turn. I assault his Boyz with my Terminators since my GK squad is worth 2 KPs I want to keep them alive. I win the combat and his Big Mek runs, and his Nob stays so I am still locked in combat, and 3 KP on the hoof runs for it which is one of the worst scenarios. 

Ork Turn #4
His Boyz assault my Land Raider and gets the Nob with the Klaw against it and immobilizes it.  

Turn #5
Demonhunter Turn #5
My Terminators assault Da Boyz after shooting them and kill a bunch.
Ork Turn #5
He shoots my IG Platoon Commander squad and kills enough that the rest run off of the board. His stupid Big Mek is getting away!!! His Nob kills my Land Raider.

Turn #6
Demonhunter Turn #6
I shoot at his Big Mek and I kill him. Whew!

Ork Turn #6
Not much going on. He is trying to reach me with Ghaz, and I am running away from him. 

Turn #7
Demonhunter Turn #7
He has about 4 lootas lets on the right side that my last Chimera has bee dueling with the whole game and I unload everything I have left on them GK Terms, GKs, Chimera, and kill only 1 after a ton of saves he made.

Ork Turn #7
He shoots me some and nothing happens. 
End Game

I lost:
Grey Knights (2 Points)
IG Platoon Commander (2 Points)
IG Squad (2 Points)
IG Squad (2 Points)
Chimera (1 Point)
Chimera (1 Point)
Land Raider (1 Point)
Land Raider (1 Point)
12 Total KPs

He Lost
Big Mek (3 KPS)
5 Lootas (1 Kill Point)
Shoota Boyz (2 Points)
Shoota Boyz (2 Points)
DeffKopta (1 Points)
Battle Wagon (1 Points)
Battle Wagon (1 Points)
Battle Wagon (1 Points)
12 KPs

So a tied game and no one got 200+ VPs.
While typing these up I realized now that a minor loss is better than a tie, and a major loss is just about as bad as a tie. What is up with that? 

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