Monday, May 30, 2011

My Grey Knights at the Slaughter in Space

Well I played my first GT level event with my Grey Knights. I learned several things.

#1. Play test your army first. I was forgetting a lot of rules that I should have remembered. Like Draigo’s Flamer and I never used Holocaust once because I forget about it. I kept on forgetting The Grand Strategy too, so I just kept the Purifiers scoring.  Also what you learn is the strength and the weaknesses of your units and that is extremely important.

#2. You need scoring units. The SiS missions favored MSU armies because they did not have true Kill Point missions, but rather VP missions and Objective missions. Those missions also heavily favored troop heavy armies, and my 3 units total were at a disadvantage.

#3. Since Draigo makes Paladins scoring I should have taken 2 solo Paladins just to hang out in the Land Raiders to make them scoring. I can equip them with a demonhammers to help kill vehicles if need be.

#4. Out of my 5 opponents only 2 of them had psychic defense.  I faced a Tyranid player with Shadows in the Warp and a Blood Angels player with a Librarian Dreadnaught’s Psychic Hood  (The funny thing is that SitW barely slowed me down, and the Psychic Hood shut me down when it should have been the other way around).  Expect this to change with the rise of Grey Knights as more people play against them they will start to protect themselves. 

#5. Don't get too cocky. After Game #1 I thought that my Paladins were unstoppable. Then after I was tabled by Necrons in Game #2 I was cured of overconfidence. 

Batreps will be forthcoming shortly. 

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