Monday, May 2, 2011

My upcoming events in May!

So I have a busy month with a lot of 40k tournaments. I do not know what it is, but maybe Arizona is finally warming up to 40k tournaments. I have played in more tournaments in the last 2 months here than I have in the last 2 years.

May 7th 1500 point RTT at Empire Games in Mesa AZ.
May 21st-22nd Blood on the Sand is a 2000 point 5-round GT style tournament at Gamers Inn in Mesa, AZ.
May 28th-29th So Cal Slaughter in Los Angeles is a 2000 point 5-round GT style tournament at The Sheraton Hotel at LAX in Los Angeles Ca.

Blood is the Sand is a first time event so I do not know what I will be getting, but it should be a good tune-up for the Slaughter in Space.

I was also thinking about going to the Alamo GT in Austin on my one free weekend (May 14th-15th) but it is too far of a drive. I am not to far away from El Paso Texas, but Texas is so huge that it would be a 13 hours of driving. I am going to Wargamescon in July and I might drive to that (if it's not to hot), but if I do I will take a week off and see some of the sights rather than just driving there and back. I do not mind driving 6 hours to LA (it helps that I have friends and a place to stay) but that is about it for a GT. 

 I am waiting for army builder to update the Grey Knights. I want to play with some lists, and Excel is just not cutting it for me.  I want to know what models I need to paint to get ready.

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