Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why people are wrong about some of the new Grey Knights rules.

There are a lot of new rules that are confusing people (Shunt move in the scouting phase, Dreadknights in a Storm Raven, etc.).

But what is surprising is that there are a lot of people who think that there are errors in the new rules that the Demonhunters had all along.

To give you a couple of examples:
#1. Everyone is surprised that you can fit Terminators in Chimeras. Well, that has always been the case, and it is nothing new to Demonhunters players.
#2 . Strike Squads Deep Striking. Here is a news flash: Grey Knights in power armor could deep strike in the old codex. So everyone freaking out about it being a misprint are wrong.

There are other rules that I have read and heard, but that is enough to show my point.  


  1. Can a GK Librarian Psyker 2 cast quicksilver and Might of titan in say....the top of turn 2, followed by Shrouding and sanctuary in the bottom of turn 2(in your opponents turn)?

    MY squad of purifiers Multi Assaults 3 units, Do all 3 take cleansing flame rolls? And if i have a Tech marine attached to the squad, do i also get -1 to the toughness in all 3 squads i assaulted or just the one that the tech marine is engaged?

    Psychotroke grenades - would they affect all three opponents squads?

    Thanks for the great blogging, i've been following your adventures for a while. i've been playing Eldar for 8 years and havent touched MEQ until these GKs came out.

  2. The answer to your questions is: There is no way to know what is the right answer.

    There have been many threads on the forums about the problems that the new rules issues that the Grey Knights bring up. There will not be any answers to our many questions until GW writes there FAQ, (and even then they will not answer all of the questions).

    But I always take the less favorable rules interpretation until proven otherwise.