Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Batrep #1 Grey Knights vs. Noise Marines

 Game #1 Grey Knights vs. Noise Marines

This is a 1000 point tournament with a restriction of one HQ, Elite, Fast Attack, and Heavy Support. 

My Opponent’s list
Chaos Lord w/Blissgiver

9 Noise Marines w/Blastmaster, 9 sonic Blasters
Aspiring Champion w/Power Weapon

5 Noise Marines w/Blastmaster

Fast Attack
4 Raptors w/Melta Gun, Plasma Pistol
Aspiring Champion w/Plasma Pistol

Heavy Support
2 Obliterators

Oblits can be trouble because I have nothing that can deal with them. 

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of War

I win the dice roll to go first!
I start with my Terminators with the Librarian in the middle of the board in the center of the table. My strike squad is just to the right of them behind a hill.

He starts with his 10 Marines+Lord in the left corner and the 5 marines in the right corner and chooses to deep strike his Raptors and Oblits.

Turn #1
He seizes the initiative and goes first!

Noise Marine Turn #1
He starts off by shooting my terminators with his 10 man squad but only a few were within 24” but I make my saves. His small squad shoots at my strike squad and does nothing.
Left side:

Right Side:

Grey Knight Turn #1
I move my vehicles on full speed since it was night fight. Since he was just within 24” I back my terminators up so that my whole squad can shoot at him, and most of his squad will be out of range, but I out-thought myself and ended up being outside of 24” and unable to shoot. My Strike squad unloads on his small squad and kills 4!

Left Side:
Right Side:

Turn #2

Noise Marine Turn #2
He deep-strikes his Obliterators just in front of my vehicles, but scatters 11" back to end up on the side.
Here he is placing it:

 Here is where he ended up:

He shoots my razorback with 2 melta guns and misses one, and only manages to immobilize it.

 His large squad shoots at my terminators and drops 2. The one guy with a blastmaster kills a GK. 

Grey Knight Turn #2
My Strike Squad shoots the last Noise Marine and he makes 5 saves. My terminators shoot the large squad and he fails 4 out of 6 saves, so I guess it averages out.  

My purifiers smell blood and disembark and go after the oblits. I shoot them and it does nothing. Then in assault he fails 3 saves and I roll to power the force weapon to kill the last guy and I roll a 12, and I lose my Justicar to perils of the warp. Then to add insult to injury, he kills 2 guys and it is a tied combat.     
Turn #3

Noise marine Turn #3
He gets his raptors on and he scatters 9" to end up between my Purifiers and Terminators. He shoots at a razorback and fails to hurt it. His shooting does nothing to my terminators, and the one guy with a blastmaster kills another Grey Knight, and is really starting to bother me. My purifiers do the final wound to the oblit and head over to the raptors.

Grey Knight Turn #3
The vehicles shoot up his squad and kills them down to the Lord, Aspiring Champion and the Blastmaster. The Strike Squad finally kills that last guy with a blastmaster. My terminators and  Purifiers go after the Raptors and kill them. 

Turn #4

Noise Marine Turn #4
He has some ineffective shooting. 

Grey Knight Turn #4
My entire army opens up on the last 3 models and take them out.

Well that was a good first game to get my feet wet with the new codex. I have to say that it was not very challenging. He should have started the oblits on the board and shoot lascannons and plasma cannons for 6 turns. I would have a very hard time killing them because I have no AP2 shooting.

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