Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The 40K version of the Bataan death march

So here I am in the middle of 40k hell. It started at the beginning of July when I drove out to Wargames Con for 11 games over 3 days. Then I had a couple of weeks off before the Bay Area Open where I got to play only 7 games.

Now this is where things start to pick up…last week I broke my bad luck streak at the 'Ard Boyz and I came in 3rd. Then this week I have a 3 game local RTT for 1750 points I can use to practice for the Nova Open Invitational.

Late August –Sept.
Aug 26-28
 So next week I am working like a manic to get ready for the Nova Open. Not only am I painting like a madman, but I am working 12 hour days to take off of work early next week. Now this where I am going to die by 40k…so the Nova Invitational is 5 games on Friday followed up by 8 games over the weekend for 14 total games. I was going to take a late flight out on Monday, and see some of Washington DC, but I think I will try to take an earlier flight and get myself out of there to crash at home.

Sept 3-4
Then the following week there is the So Cal Smackdown in LA. If they get their act together and some of the better players in So Cal show up I will think about making an appearance.

Sept 10-11
Then it is on to a local GT. I get to sleep in my own bed!!! This is a 30+ player local GT that Empire Games in Mesa is putting on for their 3rd anniversary.

Sept 17
“Ard Boyz Semi-finals. I am glad this is only one day and then I will be done!!!

Then I get to sit back and relax and work on my 4th edition army and I do not have to worry about traveling or big GTs until Neoncon in Vegas in early November. Looking back that I would imagine that I am going to be so burned out that I will not pick up a 40k model for a long time.


  1. You're crazy Allan. I think that is more tournament 40k games in two months than I've played in my entire life.

    - Lambadomy

  2. lol, I'm in the same boat my friend. Just got done with BoLSCON, then played 'Ard Boyz, got the same 14 game Nova schedule as you, followed by a local 5-game GT and 3-game Fantasy RTT in the same weekend, followed by the Semi-Finals for 'Ard Boyz.

    ...and then I'm playing Malifaux. Because I don't know if the term 'burnt out' could even begin to describe how I'll feel about 40k :-p

    Are you playing in the Whiskey Challenge? I'm playing Chumbalaya. Should be interesting.

  3. Wait a moment... Do you go to a lot of Empire games tournaments?