Monday, August 29, 2011

I am still haunted by my mistake.

So close to victory.

All I had to do is make my Interceptor squad scoring. I HAVE to make them scoring whenever the Objective mission is ahead of kill points!!! That brain fart cost me winning the final game.

Oh, and I said that I was felling really sick after game #6 yesterday? I found out why. It had rained in Washington when we were there and I had wet clothes that got mildew. I had a very bad hay fever/allergy attack last night and the start of it was yesterday. 

Oh, and I am really wiped out. No So Cal Smackdown for me.


  1. Will miss seeing you at Smackdown; however, after a weekend of gaming like the NOVA, I am guessing what you need most is sleep.

  2. You did great bro !! Don't get down on yourself. Your performance was simply amazing.

    : )


  3. I watched your games in round 6 and 8, we were cheering you on.

    Everyone I know thinks you played great.

    Good job, get some rest.

    I dont know how you liked playing in front of the cam, but as a viewer I can say it was fun for us to get to see the action. i learned alot from watching you play.

    Table 1 needs more players like you with humor and class. (not to take away from the other guys, your great too)

    Also it was fun to cheer for a guy I kinda know.
    I was 3rd to your 2nd a few years ago in Tampa at the Fantasy Battle $1000 cash game.

  4. I had a huge lead in that tournament and I went up against Orks in the final round (which my Eldar hate!!!) and I lost.

    But I still had a big lead and Hod rolled over when he faced Brian and I ended up losing the $1000. Brian was up at the Nova Open and it was nice seeing him again.

    Here is what is funny...that was my first $1000 tournament and I still had fun laid-back games. In the Nova Invitational they are talking about how the $1000 makes everyone a jerk and, everyone is just about winning. But I had fun in my games there and I think it tells more about the people who are playing. Each table there had a judge and mine looked bored most of the time.

  5. I would like to personally thank you for showing the world that Draigowing is a viable army and in the hands of a amazing general there are few who can stop it. As a fellow draigowing player I was rooting for you the entire time.

    You went against the internet naysayers and the meta and almost took the gold while still keeping a humble and friendly demeanor, you truly embodied a champion. So you may have made a mistake but just follow the actions of draigo and just keep coming back to fight.

  6. I agree with the above, seeing Draigo and his gang in action was very inspiring!

    I did notice your incredible bad luck in shooting transports in the first turn in both your games on stream. I'd say the game against Tony would have been slightly easier for you if your dice rolling had been more average.

    I like your spirit! Seems like you are a fun opponent.

  7. I fully agree with Gonka Koff.
    And this game would be horrible to play if we remembered all our misstakes and never moved on.

    A shame you didn't get that ETC-team-spot though...

  8. Hey, at least you're taking responsibility for your mistakes! Kudos on the gaming, btw.