Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bay Area Open overview

While I am sitting around waiting for bases to dry I thought I would write some about the Bay Area Open. I have so many GTs this month that I can't write them all up, so I will so some quick postings.

Here is my list in case you forgot:
1850 Points of Grey Knights
Librarian w/Warding Stave, Might of Titian, Quicksilver, Sanctuary, The Shrouding

10 Paladins w/4 Psycannons (3 Master Crafted), 2 Hammers, 4 Halberds (1 Master Crafted), 3 Swords (1 Master Crafted), Brotherhood Banner
10 Grey Knight Strike Squad w/2 Psycannons, Psybolt Ammunition

Fast Attack
9 Grey Knight Interceptors w/2 Psycannons, Psybolt Ammunition
Justicar w/Master Crafted Demmonhammer

Heavy Support
Dreadnought w/2 Twin-Linked Autocannons, Psybolt Ammunition

So there it is. 32 Models+ 1 Vehicle

The odd thing is that my first 3 games where all against guys named Josh.

Games #1 vs. Speed Freak Orks (Josh J. 63rd Place)
Here he is getting ready to call the Waaagh!!! and assault my Paladins.

This is what he is left with after the assault.
 And then they all run except for the Ghazkull who makes about 18 no-retreat saves and will last just one more turn.

 After that it was just a mopping up action. 

Funny thing is that the Strike Squad on the lower left was tank-shocked by a Trukk and they failed their morale and ran off of the board. I see that my dice are still giving me some problems, but it was an annihilation mission and everything was well in hand at that point.

Game #2 vs. Crowe Grey Knights, Dual Dreadknight  (Josh S. 8th Place)
Josh made a mistake and this is all he had guarding his objective in Command and Control

Draigo and 5 of his boys made quick work of his Purifiers, Crowe and the razorback.

 I knew all I had to do was kill his forward units and he would not be able to get to my objective in time. I did that, but he was running as fast as he could while his dreadknight was going through my army. The game ended on turn #6 with him just being outside of my objective.

Josh ended up on table #1 in the last round and ended up losing to the tournament winner. 

Another funny thing is that I bought new blue dice because my other dice roll so bad. So his first shots are a psyfleman dred at my Paladins and he rolls 3 wounds. So I roll my saves and this is what I got:

You will see 3 blue dice on the table all on the '1' dropping three paladins on the first salvo. Oh, dice how I hate you!

Game #3 vs.  Mech Blood Angels (Josh B. 15th Place)
Seize ground is a tough mission for me, but Josh #3 skimped on the troops and I was able to win a slug fest. This is the end of turn #7.

Game #4 vs. Wrack and Grotesque Dark Eldar (Michael B. 6th Place)
Here is the problem when playing capture and do too well early on and your opponent will just retreat and turtle up on their objective. Here is a pic of the start of the game:
 Here he is on turn #3 with most of his skimmers wrecked:
Now here he is with all of his skimmers downed, and almost all of his infantry killed. All he has left is Vect, some Grotesques, and 2 small squads of Wracks for his troops holding his objective which is in that building in the back center. At this point he says that it is obvious that it is a tie, and that we should stop and check out the other armies, and relax. You can not see it very well, but I have my interceptor squad on the upper right corner. All I have to do is blow his 2 Wrack squads away and he is going to lose. So I tell him to let's keep playing and see what will happen. 

So after every turn I kill more Wracks and he tells me that it is going to be a tie.

Here is turn #6
 I could not get close enough to contest his objective. He had it on the top floor and I could not jump anywhere and not be within 1". So I just shot the heck out of him and he made a ton of saves. He went to ground, and had feel no pain and he just would not roll low. At the end of the game he had one Wrack left (those stupid things never failed a morale roll). He said at the end "See, I told you it would be a tie." Grrrr, he got really lucky to squeak that tie out.

So I think I am not going to adopt that move. Whenever I can't win a capture and control mission, and I might loose it I will try to talk my opponent into calling it a tie and quitting early. 

Oh well, I was 3-0-1 on the day and it was on to 3 games on day #2!


  1. Thanks for the report!
    I don't get it why you did not assault those wracks with the interceptors?

  2. That is a good question. The reason why is that the Wracks were on the second floor of the building and Vect+Grotesques were on the bottom floor. I could not assault them with out assaulting Vect, and he would kill my interceptors in assault. The only chance I had was to shoot them down and I had so much shooting at strength 5 I should have killed them, but he just make a ton of saves.

  3. Oh, I see, then it all makes sense. Clever fortification!

    I really like these reports, it's nice to see such an unusul army in action!

  4. Say, do you post your seventh game of the tournament. I remembered the Ork player complaining that Orks had no answer to 10 paladins, but thinking to myself, "What about SAG Big Mek?" Hahaha.

    Anyway, I didn't realize that the GK player was famous, that I heard tale of you on the 11th Company podcast, and am now interested in how the battle did go.

    Thanks for your service.

  5. I played Warboss Russ in the 7th game, and I ran into him this weekend at the Comikasi Con GT in LA.

    The reason why I did not do that batrep was because that game was being video taped and I thought that it would be posted somewhere but it appears to be lost in the warp :(