Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chaos Demons out, Chaos Space Marines in to the Broadside Bash!

I was planning on taking Chaos Demons to the Broadside Bash, but it is only about 2 weeks away and I have to do a lot of painting and modeling to do to get it ready.

The fact of the matter is that I do not want to commit the resources to get that army done. I have finite time between now and Adepticon and I have to get my army ready for the big show.

I have not started on my Adepticon army yet and the clock is counting down, because we only have 79 days to go. I also am going to Los Angeles for the Broadside Bash, Las Vegas for the Ironman XVIII and San Francisco for The Bay Area Open. Add to that various local RTTs and other projects (like a possible move to Los Angeles) and I am running out of time.

One thing about me is that I always paint and get my army ready a week or two before a GT, and they are always only half done. This year I want to make sure this one is up and ready, so I need to get busy and at least start right now. The one advantage that I do have is that it is a Draigowing army and have a low model count.

So what do I have to do?
Assemble and paint Draigo
Model and paint Librarian
Model and paint 10 terminators
Model and paint 5 Strike Squad
Model and paint 10 Interceptors
Model and paint 3 dreadnaughts
Model and paint 1 rhino.
So I have to work on a total of 27 models and 4 Vehicles minimum. The problem is that they are going to require extensive painting and modeling.

Then I need to complete a display board and possible a land speeder and some other models for looks. 


  1. Wait, isnt this the same army you took to nova? Why do you need to model and paint it again?

  2. Just about yes.

    There are a few reason why I want to do the new army. One is that I have been wanting to do a pre-heresy thousand sons army for a while and this would give me the chance. The other reason why is that in tournaments it is just as important to look good as to play good and it would look nice on the table top. The last reason why is that the new chaos codex will be out soon, and it would give me a jump on getting the army ready.

    But it looks like I am putting the project on hold with I complete a move, so it looks like I am taking my Nova Open army to Adepticon.