Friday, January 13, 2012

Eldar for an RTT this weekend, and some batreps

Well, it looks like I left Part II of my Space Wolf thoughts on my computer at work.

So here is some batreps for you.

As I said a couple of weeks ago I played against Monster Rain’s Necrons and Magilla Gorilla posted up a video batrep of our game. You can see it here.

I learned a lot in this game. 

I got to try out my anti-Imotekh strategy. Since my brand of Grey Knights can's see in the dark I had Monster Rain go first and held my army in reserve and I deep struck just about everything that could. I did this for a few reasons. 
#1. There is a 40% chance that I don't have to bother with night fight. (It ending on turns 1 or 2)
#2. If it is night fight and I can get close to him so I can see them in the dark. 
#3. There is a 90% chance (Night fight leaving after 3 turns) that I will not have to roll to get hit by the lightning. 

My plan worked well because night lifted on turn #2.

I also learned when you are going to charge a unit of immortals with paladins, and assault a unit of destroyers with Draigo, do not shoot at the immortals. The reason why is that after they reanimate, they can be placed so that they block Draigo from his charge.

Here is another batrep for you. I wrote one up over on Dakka Dakka. It had been a long time since I did one over there and I thought I would do a very detailed batrep. 
It was the last game of the Wild West Shootout and it was against Dave Fay’s Black Templar:

The last thing I have is that I have a local RTT on Saturday. I am going to play my foot Eldar again. It has been over a year since I have played them and I will get to see how they do against some of the newer armies. The one advantage I have is that no one here plays Eldar so it will be interesting to see what they think.

Oh, and one more thought. I was building a Space Wolf army and it has a lot in common with a lot of other builds that I have done. I like a good death star unit, and it pretty scarce when it comes to vehicles.