Friday, October 29, 2010

How to beat a top tier army

Well first off, they would not be top tier armies if they were easy to beat. The top armies are tough as nails, and pack a punch like a truck, so let's try to see if there are ways to beat them. Sometimes you are not able to stop them, but you can slow them down a little bit and hope your strategy and tactics will help carry the day.


#1. Fight fire with fire

You can always beat top tier armies by bringing you own top tier army and this is what most people do. They are not creative and just follow the tends and fads of the latest and greatest armies. I would never do this myself since I am an originator, not an imitator but it works for a lot of people. Be warned though, there are several bad consequences to doing this. One is that you will go to tournaments and all you will see are these types of armies and that is all you will play against. Tournaments are already heading in that direction with it being just a sea of Mech Guard, Space Wolves and Blood Angels. Boring! The other problem is that these armies are alpha strike armies (Have an awesome amount of firepower to cripple their opponents on the first turn) and who wins or who loses often goes to whoever wins the dice roll to go first.


#2. Build a list to counter the top tier armies.

This is very hard, but it can be done. Here are some things you need to counter those armies

#1. There is a ton of missile launchers floating around so you have to make yourself immune to them. This is not as hard as you think. There are several units that Missile Launchers have trouble killing so let's go ever them:

AV 14=Land Raiders, Monoliths, Battle Wagons; Lascannons have a better shot at taking these vehicle down, but AV14 is almost immune to strength 8 shooting. That is why Ork Battle Wagon builds are some of the most common these days because they are the only thing that gets them to where they need to go. If you look at some of the winning lists at tournaments you will see that they have very few lascannons in them and those are in fragile razorbacks which you should be able to take out in a gunnery duel.

2+ Save=Oblits, Terminators, Broadsides: Any of X-wing armies can stand up to missile fire. Loganwing, Deathwing, Vulcanwing what have you. Terminators can take a ton of fire and still be ok. Oblits and Broadsides can too, but when they do roll a "1" they will get insta-killed which is not too great, but with that 2+ save they are still quite durable and can stand up to missile launchers. On average it takes about 11 missile shots to kill 1 oblit.


#3. Reach out and touch someone.

As they say, it is better to do unto others before the do unto you!


With assault armies there is a bunch of nastyness that needs to be taken out on the other side of the board and you need to get to it in a hurry and destroy it. So if you are an assault army you need to get to where you are going to in a hurry because you will not have any time to be standing around. That means that you either need to be super fast (Dark Eldar) or have some deployment rules that get you to where you need to be safely like Deep Strike, Outflank, Infiltrate etc.


For shooting armies you need to take down their threats at range. I myself prefer to pack a lot of Lascannons in my armies. Sure the kids these days love their melta, but in a lot of cases, it is not only hard to get that close, but you don't want to be that close. If you are able to melta a Battle Wagon you are too close. They should come with a bumper sticker that says if you are close enough to get an extra penetration dice, you are too close. Enough Lascannons can stop a battle wagon rush before it even gets started. As far as stopping the soft targets you will need something that can take them down as well because you will need to kill infantry at range. You will have to deal with long fangs and lootas and a bunch of other units so it might be nice to have answer to the question of what am I going to do about them? Since they will be in cover most of the time it is best to deal with them with a fast moving units that can flame, come in from different board edges, or throw a lot of lead down-range.


#4. Go against the Meta

Everyone knows that the best way to win is to Mech up. There are so many vehicles out there these days that armies are filled with nothing but tanks and Melta weaponry. So you need to go in the other direction and leave the tanks at home, and take an army without much in the way of high priority targets were Melta can hurt you. This is why my foot eldar works so well. Without wave serpents to shoot down, there is not too much in the way of high priority targets to shoot at. I have a lot of junky troops and the rest is durable wraithlords and an avatar. You can also do it with the tyranids by building a little bug horde, or a lot of Ork Boys. Since there has been a huge meta shift to mech and anti-mech weapons, if you eschew them for a horde army, you might be in good shape. I played against a Tryanid player at the So Cal Smackdown last month and when I hit him with my Warlock's Destructor he remarked that no one in his other 4 games that he played brought flamers.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Adepticon 2011

It looks like the time to register for Adepticon 2011 is here.


They have 256 spots for the 40K championships open and they are not going to be adding any more (which makes since in an elimination format). In a couple of days they are already down to 150 open slots, so if you are thinking about going I would jump on it. Every year they sell out earlier and earlier. Last year they sold out around the end of January and the way that they have been moving they might not make it to December (or possibly November).

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's dead Jim!

Well my hard drive died this week. It was so young, so full of life (and programs).

I had to buy a new hard drive and I have spent the last couple of days loading drivers and programs. I wonder if I have to buy Army Builder again. I also lost my pictures for, and my bat reps of the So Cal Smackdown.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

How to build a winning a tournament list.

Well, there are several things that you need to keep in mind when building a winning tournament list.


#1. Be able to achieve the mission objectives

The first thing you need to do is pretty obvious: You need win your games.

This means not only to be able to crush your opponent, but take and hold objectives. You need to figure out on your own how to crush the armies in front of you, but for objectives you also have to pack a reasonable amount of troops. The other thing is that you have to get to where you need to go, so that means plenty of mobility. You either need to do it by having fast moving units, or a lot of transports, or durable transports.

In a lot of the larger tournaments they will have primary objectives, secondary objective and tertiary objectives so not only will your army have to be flexible enough to handle a lot of mission objectives, but you need to be able to do several at the same time.

Since TOs will generally be making up the missions, you will play in some missions that resemble the ones out of the rule book, but you will also get almost anything else that they can throw out you. You need to craft an army that can adapt…or you can just table your opponent.


#2. Conquer the unconquerable

The second thing you have to do is the hardest one and the most important: You need to beat the top armies. If you can't figure out how your list can win in a game against Mech Guard, Razorspam Space Wolves, and Battlewagon Orks you need to go back to the drawing board.


In a tournament you can get matched up against almost anything in the first couple of rounds, and if you have a good take-all-comers list you should be able to win if you are a better player than your opponent. After the first few rounds though you will start to go up against the heavy hitters and you will need to figure out a way to take them out.


So how do you beat the top tier armies?


That is a good question and it will be the subject of a latter post.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The 11th company podcast

I see Pat from the 11th company has joined my friends list and I wanted to say a few things about his podcast.

I listen to a lot of 40K podcasts and the 11th company podcast is my favorite. They are knowledgeable and keep the focus on 40K. When most podcasts are just gaming groups just sitting around shooting the bull about almost everything except 40k, the 11th company stays on topic with good information, excellent interviews, and tournament talk.

The only part of the 11th company podcast I can do without is the segment where Neal talks to that one guy for 30 minutes (Farseer Baklava?). That segment drags, is not focused, and unfortunately he is not knowledgeable to discuss some of the things that he is talking about.

I was listening to Darkwynn's interview in Pat's corner and called him the other night and I was busting his balls about his Blood Angels list. I expect to see it or a version of it at Da Boyz GT and I want to see how my mighty foot Eldar do against it.

Friday, October 8, 2010

So Cal Smackdown Batreps

I played at the So. Cal Smackdown in Anaheim CA last Labor Day and had 5 good games.

I am going to write up quickie batreps for game 1 thru 3. Then I am going to do a very detailed batrep for game #4 and depending on how I am feeling either a guickie or a regular batrep for game #5.