Friday, November 19, 2010

KP vs. VPs debate

If you listened to episode 43 of The 11th Company podcast you heard Mike Brant (MVB) and I talk about KP vs. VPs in tournaments. You can listen to it here:

Then we continued the debate in their forums:

Not much updating

I am on vacation for 3 weeks so I am traveling around a lot so no updates.


2 weeks ago I played at NeonCon's Slaughter on the Strip in Las Vegas and my Chaos took a beating on day #1, and since I was in Vegas, I went on do to other things on day #2 when I overslept.

I use to think that dice did not play too much of a role (pardon the pun) in who won or who lost, but lately it seems like it has been a huge factor. For example: I had 12 lascannons blasting away at another chaos army (that my army outclassed) and yet I lost a kill point mission. I shot for 5 turns at him and I killed one land raider (and most of the time I was shooting at his weak rhinos). This guy could make saves like I could not believe. I had my Demon Prince and a squad of Oblits goes after his Demon Prince and he was the one who won the combat. My Land Raider was shooting at his oblits and I failed to hit one round with 2 TL Lascannons, and the next round I rolled 2 "1"s to wound. Game #2 I did not fare much better when Abbadon rolled 2 "1"s for his number of attacks, and then he got killed by an old-school demonhunters force weapon and got insta-killed.


Then last week I was at Da Boyz GT in Rochester NY and I played my foot eldar. My record was:

Game #1 vs Dark Eldar (old codex)=minor win DE are normally a good match-up for me, but the game ended on turn #5. If I get one more turn I massacre him.

Game #2 vs. Hybrid Eldar= Tie/minor loss He wins the dice roll to go first and gives it to me and then steals the initiative??? If I go first I unload into him and cripple him. Instead he does the same to me giving him the game.

Game #3 vs Tyranids=Won/Massacre Tyranids are a very good match-up for me, and I nearly table him.

Game #4 vs. Orks=Loss/Massacre This is where I really needed Eldrad. I left him at home because he cost me 20 comp points, but in this game he cost me 48 BPs. My opponent took down my Wraithlords with big shootas and lootas because I could not make a 3+ save. I needed a couple of fortunes on them to keep them alive. Then I penetrated his battlewagon 4 times and I rolled 2 "1"s and 2 "2"s and from the +1 from being opened topped he only lost 2 big shootas. Then when my Wraithlords where dead and he had his burna boyz in the battlewagon, I knew that he would try for my harlequins so I screened them with my guardians, but I was only able to run 1" with the clowns so he was able to get the tip of 4 flamers on them and he did 9 wounds and I failed 8 saves. Then my warp spiders came out and shot at a boyz squad and then rolled a warp jump of only 4" so I could not get behind LOS blocking cover, so they lost 4 spiders to shoota boyz. And so the next turn I tried it again and I only ended up warp jumping 3" and got assaulted. Then to top it all off, he shot his lootas at my farseer who was with the dire avengers and the farseer took a wound and he died do to being insta killed. That is one of the big reasons why I needed eldrad, not only because I needed a lot of Dooms to slow down that army, but Eldard would have lived and I still could have put up a fight. But once I lost my Farseer, the Avatar no longer had fortune and he was not going to last long, and my army collapsed. Oh and one more thing…My jetbikes flamed a unit of grotz and there were only 3 left. I assaulted them with my 2 jetbikes and the grotz did 2 wounds to me and I failed 2 saves. That was a microcosm of my game.

Game #5 vs. White Scars=Minor Win He played the overall winner's foot eldar so he knew what to expect. I was wondering why he was going after the units he was going for (he made a point of going after my warp spiders) so he had some practice. He outflanked most of his army and I got fancy and tried to block one side completely, but that was a bad idea and made me play the whole game out of position, and on my back foot. Still a smallish army with toughness 5 is in trouble for an army with a lot of strength 6 shooting.



So Sunday I will play in an RTT at The Realm in Brea, California. I will play the Foot Eldar since it will be an 1850 point tournament and the Eldar are all packed and ready to go, even though I have been tired of them for a while now.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Demonhunters or Eldar

So for the next 2 weekends I have GT level, golden ticket issuing tournaments coming up.


I have Neoncon's Slaughter on the Strip in Las Vegas next weekend, and Da Boyz GT in Rochester NY the weekend after that.


So I was planning on playing my Foot Eldar, but I am getting tired of them. I get tired of armies really quickly and I switch them out often. I am thinking about playing my Demonhunters. Maybe it is my subconscious that has self defeating tendencies and does not want me to win a golden ticket. It makes me take armies that might not be the very best for tournament play. My very first army was a space wolf army and here I am looking at a sea of space wolves with 15 terminators, 5 rhino chassis with forge world doors, land raiders, scored of grey hunters, 20 wolf scouts etc. Do I play them? Nope! At this point I am glad that I do not own a Necron army or I might be whipping them out.


Here is the Demonhunters list that I am thinking about:


Da Boyz GT in 1850 points



Inquisitor Lord w/Psycannon, Psychic Hood, Melta Bombs, Emperor's tarot, Null Rod

2 Sages

3 Mystics

3 Familiars

2 Warriors w/Heavy Bolters

1 Warrior w/Plasma Cannon


Grey Knight Hero/Brother Captain w/Psycannon

2 Grey Knight Terminators w/Psycannon

1 Grey Knight Terminator w/Thunderhammer, Storm Shield



Callidus Assassin



3 Grey Knights

2 Grey Knights w/Psycannons

1 Justicar


5 Stormtroopers w/2 Melta Guns

Chimera w/Multi-laser, Hull Heavy Bolter


5 Stormtroopers w/2 Plasma Guns

Chimera w/Multi-laser, Hull Heavy Bolter


5 Stormtroopers w/2 Plasma Guns

Chimera w/Multi-laser, Hull Heavy Bolter


Heavy Support

Land Raider

Land Raider

1850 Points.


I do not like it, but I am getting squeezed for points. I want a much bigger assault presence and take a GK Grandmaster and a full 4 terminators so I have one unit that can do some damage in assault. I also want one for GKPA to fill out the squad a little.