Thursday, July 14, 2011

My War Games Con report: Mirror Match Tournament

A few days earlier I decided to play on Friday in the mirror match tournament. This is where everyone has the same army and they duked it out.

The army was:
Captain Cato Sicarius

Librarian, Terminator Armor (Player chooses 2 powers during construction)

5 Thunder Hammer / Storm Shield Assault Terminators

10 Scouts, Sniper Rifles and Missile Launcher. Sergeant has Power Fist.

10 Tacticals, Meltagun and Plasma Cannon. Sergeant has Power Fist. Rhino with Extra Armor.

10 Tacticals, Flamer and Lascannon. Sergeant has Power Fist. Rhino with Extra Armor.

10 Assault Marines. Sergeant has Power Weapon.

Predator with Autocannon and Heavy Bolters.

1500 Points.

The army was kind of interesting because you had a few options when picking your army. The first one was that you got to select 2 psychic powers for your Librarian (I took Null Zone and Gate of Infinity). The other choice you have was given to you by Sicarius. He as an ability to give one tac squad either Infiltrate, Tank Hunter, Scout or .

I had a lot of fun with this tournament. I had to dig up my old 2nd edition Space Wolf army to use for the models, and I had to use Chaos Raptors as my assault marines. I never played space marines before and that hurt me. I had no idea they sucked so bad. I found out that Marines have a hard time killing marines. You would think that assault marines can do some damage, but nope.

Game #1: I got a massacre when I Gated to an objective and stuck the landing on the last turn.

Game #2: I ended up on the top table and ended up with a hard fought tie.

Game #3: I played against Ben (Best General) Mohlie and it was a tough game. I thought I would mix it up a bit and take scout on my lascannon tac squad. I could have played conservative and play for the tie, but that is not the way I roll. So he comes after me with his assault squad behind some cover and threatens my scouts. I try to run off of the hill that I was on and I only get 3”. If I could have moved farther back I would have been out of assault range of his assault marines, and not only that, through some building there was an crack about 1” across that I could have shot the side of his predator with their missile launcher that I am sure that he did not see. As it was he got in to assault them with his assault squad and wiped them out after 2 turns. So I counter attacked with my 10-man assault squad against his 5-man assault squad (by the time I was done shooting at them), and he was beating me in combat! Not only that, but they tied up my assault squad for 3 game turns. Since it was Seize Gound mission he had an objective guarded by one Tac squad that was kind of by itself. I got in my outflanking tac squad and went after them. I jumped out of my rhino and flamed and rapid-fired them and did 11 wounds and he ended up making 10 saves killing only one marine (when 4 should have dropped!!!!). Then he hit me back and returned the favor and of course I could not make saves like that and he got the numbers advantage and started to beat me down. The Tac Marine slap fight lasted a long time, and I could not get my assault marines over there to help out because they were tied up, and by the time they got free he brought over his other Tac squad to help out. He also got lucky when I was moving my rhino up to contest 2 of his objectives when he was able to assault and take it out with krak grenades which were some very long odds.

This makes the second time Ben beat me. This upsets me because I have a long record of tying the best players in the country, and now I have a losing record against him. The first game I lost to him was at Adepticon when I played Chaos and he played Space Wolves (when I put it like that it does not sound too bad). In that game I shot the crap out of him with plasma cannons and they deviated all over the place, and then he drove a rhino to right in front of me and I shot my whole army at it (and I ran a shooty chaos army) and I could not take it out and then he got the charge off on me and crushed me. Next time Mohlie!

Game #4. I have no idea what happened. I thought it was a 3 round tournament and the top table played the 4th round, so I packed up and was tired and I found out that I had to play another round and I just phoned it in and lost. 

The Mirror Match was an interesting concept and I would like to try it again.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The list that I took to Wargames Con

Here it is:

Total Roster Cost: 2000

HQ:Grand Master Mordrak, 200 pts
      2 Ghost Knight, Sword
      2 Ghost Knight, Halberd
HQ: Librarian (225 pts)
   Librarian Teleport Homer + Nemesis Warding Stave + Might of Titan + Quicksilver + Sanctuary + The Shrouding + Warp Rift)

Elite: Paladin Squad (655 pts)
   Paladin Squad,
      2 Paladin, Halberd (Psycannon)
      1 Paladin, Sword (Psycannon)
      1 Paladin, Demon Hammer (Psycannon)
      1 Paladin, Demon Hammer
      2 Paladin, Halberd
      2 Paladin, Sword
      1 Paladin,  Brotherhood Banner     

Troops: Grey Knight Terminator Squad 225 pts)
      1 Terminator Justicar, Halberd
      1 Terminator, Halberd (Psycannon)
      1 Terminator, Demon Hammer
      1 Terminator, Halberd
      1 Terminator, Sword

Troops: Grey Knight Terminator Squad 225 pts)
      1 Terminator Justicar, Halberd
      1 Terminator, Halberd (Psycannon)
      1 Terminator, Demon Hammer
      1 Terminator, Halberd
      1 Terminator, Sword

Fast Attack: Grey Knight Interceptor Squad (310 pts)
   1 Grey Knight Interceptor Squad, Psybolt Ammunition
      1 Justicar, (MC Daemonhammer)
      7 Grey Knights
      2 Grey Knights, (Psycannon)

I thought I would try this trick: Since Mordrak can deep strike anywhere without a scatter, I was going to place the librarian with him, so when he comes down, that will let me place the Warp Rift Template anywhere I want to!