Friday, July 23, 2010

So why choose the list that I did for Bolscon?

Well I am a shooty kind of a guy so I always prefer to shoot than assault. I also do not have time to paint up anything to exotic so I am limited to a few armies that I have on hand.


There were 2 factors that went into my decision.

  1. Can they play fast?
  2. Can they match up in the current meta-game?

With Bolscon Format you have to be fast. You are playing in a 2000 point game in 2 hours, so there is no time to waste. That dropped some of my armies do to their size, and the fact that I am not as familiar with them as I am with the others.


Witch Hunters

They are out because I do not know if they can keep up in the current meta game. There are some hard hitters out there and I do not think they measure up.



They are out because they need to take IG and they are not painted yet.



There is no way I can get in 6 turns with a horde army that I am rusty with.



I was tempted to play my foot elder because everyone who has never seen them wants to see them in action, and Bolscon would be a large stage for them. Not only that, but they are good in the current anti-mech environment. The one big downside to them is there playtime. I have lost or tied so many games do to time limits than I have lost on the table top. Although the army has a lot of footsloggers I am pretty fast with the sent up, but when you shoot a ton of shots with Doom and Guide added on that is a lot of re-rolls and then they have to allocate wounds and then you do that all through the game and you are looking at running out of time.



I have been playing them a lot at the last few tournaments and I have ended my games quickly. There is not much going on with the army after deployment because they generally stand and shoot, so the movement phase goes by fast, and if I do my job right the assault phase goes by fast so I only have to do the shooting phase and that is just "This lascannon shoots there, this lascannon shoots there, this lascannon shoots there, etc." That is one of the huge bonuses for them at Bolscon. Again, you need an army that plays really fast and I still am worried about being paired up against a horde 'Nids and Ork armies, but there is nothing I can do about that but play as fast as possible. I think they pair up well against razor spam, assault and shooting armies. I think they have the firepower to deal with IG. I have only lost 2 games with them, and they were both to Dark Eldar, so I am thinking that if I can dodge them I might be ok. I am not all that happy with my list. I changed some things around and I had trouble finding points for everything I wanted. I had to drop 2 oblits which I hope will not be in issue, but it is a concern with a loss of firepower, although I greatly increase my counter-assault with Khorne Berzerkers and Abaddon to deal with Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Tyranids. To talk myself into dropping the last oblits I changed my Demon Prince from Slaanesh with Lash, to Tzeentch with the Bolt. I do not know if that was a good idea because it not only makes it harder for the World Eaters and Abaddon to get into assault in case I am getting out shot and I have to close with my opponent.

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