Sunday, April 10, 2011

What is upcoming for Blackmoor 40k?

 Post Adepticon report
I will have a quick Adepticon report coming up next week. I left it on my computer at work and will have it up shortly. It will be a brief report since the Demonhunters codex will be obsolete going forward, so there is not much to be learned.

Grey Knight review
I will go over the Grey Knight codex and review each unit, and talk about possible tactics and uses for each unit.

Upcoming events:
The major events that I will be going to are:

Slaughter in Space 3  
Los Angeles, Ca.  May 28th-29th 2011

Wargames Con
Austin, TX.  July 7th-10th 2011            

The Bay Area Open
Antioch, CA. July 30th – 31st 2011

The Nova Open
Crystal City, VA. August 25th-28th 2011

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