Friday, June 6, 2014

Alright, let’s talk invisibility.

There are a lot of people complaining and upset about how powerful invisibility is.

Well, it is not much worse than Fortune. A bolter has a 3.7% chance of killing a Jetbike with Fortune, and a 2.7% chance with Invisibility.

Fortune is responsible for the great evils of 6th edition of Seer Councils and Beast Stars, but no one talked about banning it, or modifying it. I guess it was grandfathered in because it has been around for years so no one took a critical look at it.

Invisibility is new so now everyone is up in arms about it, but is it much different than what we already have? The only difference is that all armies (other than Tyranids of course ;) have access to it and not just Eldar. I find it also funny that a unit with invisibility  is one of the best ways you can counter Jetseers and Beaststars, and any other type of deathstars.  

Not to mention that psychic powers are much different in 7th edition. They are much harder to get off, you can perils yourself to death quite easily, and you have a chance to Deny the Witch on Blessings.

So is invisibility really that broken?

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