Friday, December 16, 2011

E-mail in looking for Paladin help

E-mail in!

Ryan writes:
"If you had a moment, I wanted to bend your ear regarding DraigoWing—I’m attending my first 40k tournament (in SOME time)—and decided to talk my new Custodes for a walk."
Don’t you mean your old Custodes? By the way, Ryan has some beautiful models!

“ So I’m going pretty zany—and without breaking down into my unique wound allocation hee haws—basically I’m taking;..”

A no-brainer must-have!

Libby w/ Shrouding/Quicksilver
You need to think about powers for you librarian. A lot of people see Quicksilver and like it and think it is useful, and it is not. You cast it in your movement phase only on your turn, and you have halberds striking at I6 anyways so it is really not useful. You want to take Might of Titans. Sometimes you need some extra strength, and where it really comes in handy is the 2d6 armor penetration. The other power that you have to take is Sanctuary. Not only does it have a chance to keep things from assaulting you, not only does it do some damage to whatever is charging you, but the most important thing is does is make units without grenades attack last. That means Genestealers, Orks, Incubi, Demons, and a lot of other nasty stuff attacks after you do.

10 Pals w/ 4 cannons (Unique stuff for wounds)
I take it you are throwing around weapons to give them unique profiles. A few notes on weapons:
I really like Halberds because that I6 is very nice, but everything in moderation.
Swords are ok, and it is good to have a couple just in case when you get into assault you have a couple of 4+ Inv saves.
You need 2 demonhammers (in case you combat squad you then have a demonhammer in each squad) but sometimes you have trouble wounding high toughness creatures, and it is nice to have a strength 8 force weapon. Also you can crank it up to strength 10 with hammerhand for a lot of use killing vehicles and units like TWC.
You can throw in some Master crafting to give everyone a unique profile.
Brotherhood banner is something that you should always take and is very useful. (plus it looks like you have a nice model for it!)
A Nemesis Force Staff is something that I just started to add. I have been taking a lot of thunder hammer hits, and to be able to put them on this guy so I do not lose combat has been very valuable.    

10 Pals w/ 2 Cannons 2 Inc (Unique stuff for wounds)
As a general rule you do not need incinerators. The reason why is that to be able to use a flamer template you need to be fast. So if you were in a land raider or a stormraven you can do it, but otherwise you will be 
1. Out of range. 
2. If something gets that close to you it would have charged you. 
3. You do not want to do casualties to the unit because they will remove the models that are closest to you so you will be taken out of charge range.  

Dreadknight w/ Psy
Well I have to say this guy does not add a lot to your army. You might want to throw in a couple of Psyfleman Dreadnaughts for some long range anti-tank. Personally I would think about putting in your Land Raider since it looks like you have a very nice one. It works well with your army, it gives you much needed long range firepower, and it goes well with carrying paladins for assault. Also those incinerators will finally come in handy, and you can give your librarian Warp Rift.

So 2k, I’m walking in 23 models—haha.  I just wanted to know your experiences with Paladins—and any general tips you might offer

I would slim down one of your paladin squads and take some solo-dins (one-model paladin units) for scoring units to claim objectives. If you do take a land raider not only can you then take those incinerators, but you might want to think about taking a 4-man paladin squad and beef them up for assault just so you can fit them with a HQ into it.

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