Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The WAAC podcast

I like the direction that the 11th Company Podcast has taken and they have embraced their inner WAAC player and changed to the WAAC Podcast!

Well, early on they started talking about my Draigowing list and how you can make it seem not that bad when you take it to comped or sportsmanship heavy tournaments.  I liked where they were going and now I have some good ideas of how to spin my army so when I do go to tourmanets that are heavy on the soft scores I can try to shine that turd. 

 It looks like how to make your army look fluffy takes a lot of time, and a lot of effort, but it looks like if I can do it it will pay dividends on the table top in composition score and with my sportsmanship score. I know most of us WAAC gamers do not like doing it, but I like to look at it as just another part of the game. Kind of like the game before the game.

First up is Draigo. Now Draigo looks all big and intimidating with his giant back-banner, and huge shield. The first thing I need to do is make him look not so intimidating. This is where “counts as” is my friend. I  am going to get my hands on one of the old metal terminators. Not only is he on a 25mm base, but he is a little smaller than the other terminators so he will seem unimportant. Not only will this help out with target priority since he seems harmless, but also in comp scoring as well.

Now paladins are a tough one. What I am going to do is give each one a name and a back story. This way when someone calls me out for being cheesy for taking paladins and having each one of them equipped differently, I can explain the reason why. For an example:

Brother Jurivious who received his ancient psycannon on the plains of Gidion Minor after his long time mentor and friend, Brother-Captain Haridian was mortally wounded in the purging of the chaos cult lead by the inquisitorial traitor Xariphanies.

Brother Nastor who was gifted with the Halberd “Alexus Rex” that was crafted by the master-artificer Keran Korr after his stanch defense of the palisades of the fortress-monastery at Lordan Sigma.

Brother Yanis who received his sacred demonhamer after slaying the foul Khorne Demon Lord X’Ryantcox during the demonic incursion on the planet Hespera.

Brother Slacavious the sole survivor of the massacre on the planet Hawes III when Dark Chaplain Poltus Den, Arch-Heretic of the Word Bearers trapped and killed 24 battle brothers of the Grey Knights.


Now here is the secret, if my opponent’s eyes start to glaze over after telling the story of 1 or 2 of my models, then I am facing a fellow WAAC gamer and I can stop. Now on the other hand if they are really into the stories of my models, I am facing off against a fluff bunny, and I am now committed and I have to keep going all of the way.

Now for my Interceptors it is easy to talk these off. Here is what I am going to say, “Most people on the internet think these are bad, and they are! They cost way too much and they do not do anything. The only reason why I take them is that I just love the models, it is just a shame that their rules are so bad.” Usually by the end they are nodding in agreement.

Now explaining away 3+ TL autocannon dreads are a problem. I try to spin that they are only AP4 so I try to talk them into thinking that they don’t do anything to MEQs. I also take them because in my demonhunter army in the old codex they were the only way I could take anti-tank, so they are just left overs from my old army when I converted over to the new codex. I show them and explain to them that I have had these dreadnoughts for years and tell their stories like about "Lefty" my forge world dreadnought that did not have a right arm for a long time. Then I show them "Old Blue" who started life off as a Space Wolves dreadnought, and Rusty, my metal Dark Angels dreadnought. I also like Pat's suggestion that Draigo himself is on the table and who else would accompany him into battle but some of the oldest, and most revered members of the Grey Knights who are entombed in their sarcophagus?


  1. i cant tell if this is ironic or just very, very sad. i really hope it is the former. i like a serious competition as much as the next guy, but if it is in any way serious then it just cynical.

  2. This is why I love my Tyranids. Nobody expects any fluff, and all I have to do is talk about how I think the units are good even if the Intarwebz are dead against them. ;)

  3. Remember though you shuold not stop explainign back story to the WAAC player as it can contribute to your mission to slow play him if needed ;)

  4. lolz :) That's the spirit! The story behind each Paladin is priceless! :)