Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Forgeworld: Imperial Armor Apocalypse II, the Revenge of Resin!

So when I heard that The Bay Area Open is going to be including units from Forge World’s Imperial Armor Apocalypse II I was not to happy about it.

As most people who like forge world are quick to point out that most of the units in the Imperial Armor books are overcosted and not that good. That might be true, but just like every codex the units that you see are all going to be the best units that are undercosted. Nobody takes the bad units, but they scour the book to find the cheesy ones. It is like the heavy support for space wolves. What is the point of pointing out the most of the choices are not any good when all anyone ever takes are long fangs?

I have had limited experience myself with Forge World in games. The reason why is that I am in a state that does not have ready access to them like some of the larger areas with their battle bunkers and GW stores!

So my experience is limited to Adepticon’s Team Tournament and Gladiator. Now in the gladiator you are expecting to get slapped silly by some monstrosity with Strength D weapons, Lifta-Dropa arms, structure points and gargantuan creatures. The team tournament is a lot more restrictive, with no structure points and gargantuan creatures, but you can take almost everything else. So every year there is something in the new books that is sprung on us that we have to deal with. Several years ago it was the Meiotic Spores that dropped on us. A couple of years ago it was the Griffin mortar with an incendiary round that mades a unit automatically fall back. A couple of years ago it was the Hades Breaching Drill that was all of the rage.
So I was unhappy when the Bay Area Open decided to add the 40K approved units out of the Apocalypse II book. Well, I have heard stories about the Caestus Assault Ram, and the Achilles Land Raider, and the Lucious Drop Pod, etc. I have not read the books though, and I did not see what is contained in there at all. I have since had the opportunity to read the book and I must say that it is not all that bad. There are units in it that are really good, but most top tier armies can deal with. Of course there are other armies though that might struggle with the units in the IA; AII book, One problem is that a lot of people see things through the prism of their own armies. So when you see something that your army can deal with, then you assume that everyone else will not have a problem with it, or that they can deal with it, but the truth is that some armies will struggle against some of the Apocalypse II units. 

Reese also said he would bet that the winner would not have any forge world units in it. I would take that bet! The reason why is that 3 Chaos Contemtor dreads+ obliterators backing them up are going to be a deadly combo. Sure, that is a ton of points, but that is a lot of fire-power. Throw in a couple of Lash Princes for 155 points and some deck chair units and I think you will be better than ok.


  1. The unit I have the biggest problem with is definitely the Achilles. I of course realize that the Achilles is not an issue for a lot of armies. However, for some armies, it's going to be a complete meta shifter. The obvious examples or Deldar and Eldar, but the reality is that a lot of armies rely on melta to kill Raiders, and if they are then forced to drop back to Lascannons, that's a tall order. :P

  2. Would you care to comment on some of the units specifically? I am interested in your take on the Available Eldar units.

  3. Sure! I would be happy to. There are only 4 Eldar units that are 40k approved in that book.

  4. IMO, all Land Raiders deserve Melta immunity. I think melta is lazy and makes the game boring.

  5. I use my land raiders as gunboats so they sit back and shoot so I do not care about melta, but lances are not a lot of fun.

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