Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I played some games on Boxing Day!

Boxing day for those of you who live in the US is a holiday on the day after Christmas when people in the UK and Canada go out into the streets and punch each other out. (I am not exactly sure but that is what I have heard).

I went to LA this for Christmas to celebrate the holiday, and what is a holiday without 40k?

Let me tell you, there is nothing like driving around for 14+ hours for clearing out your back log of podcasts that you have not listened to yet. Podcasts are great for driving, and even though it is a heck of a drive it makes the time go by really fast.

So for Boxing Day I drove for a couple more hours and I dropped down south to Escondito Ca to a game store called Thou Shalt Game. I have heard about it from the IVC podcast before and I finally got to check it out, and met up with Magilla Gorilla and Monster Rain from the Table Top War blog and played them in a couple of games. Magilla took some video so I hope that they will be putting it up on their blog soon.

Monster Rain played Necrons and so I got my first crack at them. It was an interesting game since I did not know too much about them, but I have the basics down. Now I know what Spacecurves means when he says that they have a lot of interesting tricks. For example: Monster Rain had a C’Tan Shard with Writhing Worldscape and then hit me with a couple of Tremorstaves from Harbingers of Transmogrification to not only slow me down, but to make me take dangerous terrain tests.  

I think we will get to see the brutal combinations in a little while when they get thought out a little more, and they get some tournament experience. Personally I am a fan of a Harbinger of Despair jumping out of a Ghost Ark with an Abysmal Staff frying everything underneath the template, and then hitting what is left over with rapid fire. It is too bad that wound allocation rules have made that less effective than combinations like that use to be. Maybe 6th edition will change that so the lower AP weapons will actually kill things when they are paired with not so deadly weapons.

So overall my impressions of the Necrons have not changed. They have a lot of unique tricks, and are a very interesting and dynamic army, but they just seem to lack real killy-ness that you need to deal with other armies. For another example, DE are a finesse army and although they can’t take a punch, they sure can deliver one. So we will see if there are combos out there that can dance with the likes of SW and GK.


  1. Necrons have been built with one eye on 6th, lots of things point on that direction like Preferred Enemy on Destroyers, which clearly aren't a combat unit and they're quite a few other little bits of wargear and special rules that don't make much sense at the moment, so they all point towards 6th.

    I totally agree with your summation Necrons so far, they don't pack the killy, but are full of tricks.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and giving us some games. It was a very informative game in which I learned a whole lot; maybe next time I can even make it a challenge! :-)

  3. Thanks for the game, Blackmoor!

    I agree with a lot of what you said about the new Necron book. It's true strength seems to be in synergy between several different units, so I think it will take time and tournaments, as you said, to really see if the new Necrons can hang with the big boys.