Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eldar for Adepticon?

Must fight down urge to play Eldar at Adepticon!


  1. Don't fight it. Don't believe the internet, if you're confident with them they win all over the place.

  2. Here is the thing, you win a tournament with Grey Knights (as well as IG and SW), and everyone expects it, and they know it is because of your list.

    Ah, but if you win with a crappy codex? Then the scalds will sing your praises and your name will be written into the book of life!

  3. And when you don't win... well... then you are cursing yourself for not bringing the army you could have won with. :P

  4. I hate to burst yer bubble but yer not gonna win wif eldar.

    Hurrrr ,,

  5. Building a take all comers Eldar list is extremely challenging. I've found I can build lists that I can do well with against IG, GK and SW, but then get smacked around by Orks.

    With your particular Eldar army, can you handle mechanized IG? I don't remember any battle reports, but it appears like it would be a very uphill battle.

    Can you finish a full game with this army? Unless you drastically change your Eldar, I would think you really need the later rounds to pull off a win.

    And does it benefit you to simply win or win big(I've not read anything on Adepticon this year)? If you really need to win big each game, Eldar may be handicapping you.

  6. Play the army you are most comfortable with and if that happens to screw with the meta a little bit then all the better.