Saturday, March 13, 2010

Top 10 signs you own too much Warhammer:

Top 10 signs you own too much Warhammer:

#10. Selling your spare stuff might be enough for a down payment for a home.


#9. You don't need to buy the latest army that they released a codex for because you already own it.


#8. You end up buying a rune priest because you can't find the one you thought you have, and then you find it and now have one too many.


#7. You are trying to get down to only 5 armies


#6. You are slow to work on armies, and you have a complete unbuilt pre-heresy Thousand Sons army, Noise marine army, and Night Lords armies, and that is just for chaos.


#5. You have 3 fantasy armies and you don't play fantasy.


#4. You go looking for your demonhunters army and you can't find half of it.


#3. While thinking about building a demonhunters army you wonder how much IG you have and find out that you have 2 platoons of mech guard including heavy weapons squads, and you never tried to build or wanted an IG army.


#2. When you go looking for your missing Yriel figure you find your missing demonhunters army.


#1. It takes you 3 hours to find your Yriel figure.


  1. To funny.
    Actually, I was trying to get down to two armies...
    ...I guess after reading this I don't feel so bad, I don't have the Fantasy Armies.

  2. Heh. This sounds like me about 4-5 years ago. I realized I owned several Fantasy armies yet only played it once a year at most. I culled them and cut back to only 5 40K armies. Made enough off the proceeds to buy a big screen TV and several other nice toys.

  3. Lol ! I have 3 Yriels for this very reason!

    I recently sold Models I have Never played with before on Ebay, I now have 1600usd in the paypal for my next army .... which is my Second army. (considering I have over 6500 points of Eldar Painted)