Monday, March 21, 2011

Demonhunters at 4 RTTs in 4 weeks

This last month I have played in more RTTs than I have played in the last few years. Last year at Adepticon I was so rusty due to not playing much and I made all kinds of mistakes, After all of these games I have no excuses for not doing well (Other than playing Demonhunters that is ;).

Here is my record for the last 4 weeks:

2/19 The Realm RTT: Brea Ca. 1850 Points
Game #1 Beat a 2 Dev/Assault Marine Blood Angels army
Game #2 Tied a Battle Wagon army with Ghaz
Game #3 Tied a Tyranid army.
1-0-2 and finished in the middle of the pack

 3/5 Sprue Posse RTT: Santa Monica Ca. 1500 Points
Game #1 Beat a Terminator/Assault Marine Blood Angels army
Game #2 Beat a 2 Land Raider/Assault Marine Blood Angels army
Game #3 Tied a Dark Eldar army
Game #4 Beat a Deathwing army
3-0-1 and Won the Tournament

3/12 Empire Games: RTT Mesa, AZ 1000 Points
Game #1 Lost to Dark Eldar
Game #2 Beat Mech Guard
Game #3 Beat Tau
I went 2-1 and took second place (a lot of people tied the command and control mission in round 3)

3/19 Imperial Outpost Games RTT: Glendale AZ 1500 Points
Game #1 Beat a DOA/Vindicator Blood Angels army
Game #2 Beat a Tyranid Army
Game #3 Beat a big bug Tyranid Army
Went 3-0 and won the Tournament

So this last month I went 9-1-3. It has been a while since I won some RTTs and winning 2 Storm Ravens and store credit for a Grey Knight codex was nice.  

My results were not too shabby, but I am still concerned about Adepticon because I played a lot of Tyranids and Blood Angels and little else. Also, surprisingly the point limits were a lot lower than the 1850 of Adepticon. Normally RTTs point’s limits have been creeping higher, and now all of a sudden they have gone way down.

I was never matched up against the real heavy hitter lists that are out there. I wanted to play against Space Wolves and IG armies. I did play one practice test game against Shep’s Mech Guard and I lost that game and it really helped me out. I had to beef up my ranged anti-tank and help me realize what I have to target first (Die Manticore Die!).

Still in big tournaments you see a lot of rock-paper-scissor armies out there and you worry about getting a match against them before they find the paper to their rock. You can draw 9 Vendettas, 3 Wolf Lords and Thunderwolf Cavalry, Razorfang wolves, Deathwing armies, etc. it is hard to have an answer for all of them (or any of them).
One advantage that I always have is my strange list/armies. Know one knows what you can do, or what you will try to do until it is too late. This is what I liked about my foot elder army because until you play against it, you have no idea how the pieces fit together. That is why everyone on the internet thinks it sucks because they see the sub-optimal units and don’t realize that the army plays is better than the sum of its parts. With my Demonhunters I expect people to not know what I am going to do. Really, how many people out there know what Grey Knights do? How many know what an Inquisitor’s retinue does? What are Brother-Captain Stern’s abilities?

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