Thursday, March 17, 2011

Demonhunters to a 1000 point RTT

 I played in a 1000 point RTT this weekend with half of my Demonhunters. I wanted to keep getting practice playing since I am really rusty, and to try out the 20-man blob squad that has the 2 autocannons.

Game #1 Vs Dark Eldar: Seize Ground
He has about 6 Venoms and 5-man warrior squads with blasters with the Duke. I have a lot of shooting that should be able to take down their flyers but my dice went stone cold and that did not help me. So at the end of the game I was unable to kill any Venoms, and he nearly tabled me.
So what went wrong? Well the first is that I forgot about the +1 result for him being opened topped. As a DE player I should have known about it, but for some reason I forgot, and my opponent didn’t volunteer it. That is why it is very important to know not only your rules, but your opponents. I also rolled horrible for vehicle damaging. I rolled one 4 and the rest were 1s and 2s. I had my storm troopers shoot at a venom with 2 melta guns and hit one and penetrated and he stopped it with a flickerfield, and I did it again the next turn and the exact same thing happened. Loss

Game #2 Vs. Mech Guard: Annihilation.
I came on from reserve and I shot it out with him. I came on with side shots and started killing stuff. My land raider survived 3 penetrating shots from a Leman Russ Demolisher and killed it in return. I guess my luck made up for the bad luck in the last round. Win

Game #3 Vs Tau: Capture and Control
This seemed like a good match-up for me until his Hammerhead took out my Land Raider on the first shot. That is what it gets for surviving all of those shots last game. I was able to blow his fire warriors off of his objective with Psycannons and my Chimeras where on fire and I ended the game holding my objective. Win

So I ended up going 2-1 and getting second place. Most people ended up in a tie in round #3 like usual, so only one person went 3-0. 

I got some more experience, and got to try some things out. I am starting to really like coming on from reserve. One day though I am going to roll bad for reserve rolls and come in the very late rounds. I am also worried about going up against an officer of the fleet. Next codex I think I will be taking a Brother Captain to take care of that.

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