Sunday, November 13, 2011

Healthy Wargamer Challenge Part II

Well, I have been dieting an exercising for the last 5 weeks as part of a 6 week weigh loss challenge.  I am now in the home stretch, and the end is in sight. Just 5 more days and I am free! Well not really free, but I will not be on such a restrictive diet that I have been on to win this challenge. As a 40k gamer I am competitive, and if you challenge me to something, I will try to win.

The winner gets a nice price of a $700 membership to Gold’s Gym in downtown Phoenix.

Here I was hiking up Squaw Peak on Saturday.

It is one heck of a climb, and I noticed that everyone on the trail was in great shape, and not a bit of fat on any of them.   
And as a side note, dieting takes a lot of time! I make a lot of my own meals now since I can’t eat out, and that takes time and exorcizing takes a lot of time as well.

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