Thursday, November 24, 2011

New name for the scarab spawning build....

I am pushing to call the Necron build that has a lot of tomb spiders spawning scarab swarms "The Ant Farm".


  1. I think Scarab Swarm is a far better name. Lets not screw it up with dumb names like all those Tau suit loadouts.

  2. But that's the whole point of blogs SlowPoke - to make stupid names for armies =D.

  3. Oh... my blog fails then :(

    (if for no other reason than that)

  4. Ever seen Monty Python's "Prejudice" sketch? Why call them anything? Why not just call them the Scarab Spawning list?

    Besides, I suppose all those S6 weapons need to do something now that Necrons can spam AV13.

  5. It should be referred to as Spyders.

    My Spyder Titan is almost complete. It spawns Spyders who spawn Scarabs.

    Another name for the list could be Licks Balls.