Thursday, August 12, 2010

Demonhunters or Space Wolves?

Here I am again with a few weeks before a couple of tournaments still waffling between two armies.

I am always struck with indecision before GTs and this paralysis is one of the reasons why I suffer with poor paint scores because I am still deciding which army to play up until nearly the last moment.

So I am down to 2 choices: Demonhunters or Space Wolves.

If you win a GT level event with pure Demonhunters, everyone is impressed.
No one plays against Demonhunters, and don't know what to expect.
Lots of unique units/tricks
I like playing armies no one plays
Better comp/sports scores? (If applicable)
Great looking models

Way, way, way over priced
Weak codex
Loose some of the prestige of winning if you rely on allies.
In a mech environment, poor anti-tank

Space Wolves
One of the best codexes out there.
Lots of good units to choose from.
Cool looking models.

Be one of half of the tournament field playing Space Wolves.
Another MEQ army
If you win, it will because of the army you play.

So my question is: Should I play Demonhunters or Space Wolves?


  1. Use whichever army is prettier. Winners come and go, but a cool looking army...that stays with people.

  2. So what you are saying is...It is better to look good than fight good?


  3. Go big or go home: Daemonhunters.

    I don't think anyone would think less of a player for taking allies into a DH/WH list rather than the other way around, though if you're looking to lose friends stay away from the Psyker Battle Squad+Callidus combo. ;)

  4. Oh I'd do Daemon Hunters for sure. Like the fellow above said, a good looking army stays with people. If you lose, you lose looking good... if you win, even better!

  5. Even if you do badly, you'll be 'that guy with the Grey Knights'.

    Three Land Raiders or possibly Dreads (I use two dreads) is about the best you can do for anti-tank, though...

  6. I wished that I owned more than one land raider.

  7. Land Raider for your Terminators, rhinos/chimeras for your ISTs?

  8. pure DH is fun :D

    no anti tank? why did they put stormies with 2 meltaguns and a sarge with meltabombs and combi melta? in a chimera?
    or teleport attack with meltabombs and a combi melta,

    or an inq with combi melta and 3 multi melta servitors??


    gk are great if you hit them hard where you want

    oh and vindicars are fun :D

  9. grey knights are really fun to play, because they are over priced. by the way, if you look through the which hunter codex you will find a nasty combo for killing IC. take an inquisitor (with purgatus, to make the IC leadership 3) and a callidus (who can instant kill the IC because he is Ld 3).

  10. Considering you only own one Land Raider you should go with the Space Wolves for sure. They are the only good long ranged anti-tank in the codex.

    Lots of different builds can be made out of the SW codex; what kind of list do you intend to run?