Thursday, August 5, 2010

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I am still working on my post-BolsCon/War Games Con report, but looking at the score I was right in the middle of the pack. 

I hate being average. So do you know what that means? I have to resort to this:

 Training for my next game!


I need to go back to basics!

Phoenix has been horrible for my 40k hobby. When I lived in LA I played in a couple of tournaments a month, and when I lived in Jacksonville I was able to drive to Orlando for some great tournaments once or twice a month. But 40k here? There is nothing. There are 4 game stores around, but is seems like if you do not go to the stores you have no way of knowing anything about them. They do not post tournaments, and they do not advertise them outside of their store regulars. Being an outsider to the area I am only playing at major GT level tournaments. I am rusty and in bad shape. Even when I do go to the local store all there are is kids and they are all playing Space Marines. I played against a Tyranid player at War Games Con and I had no idea what his army can do and why the threats where. I wondered how bad Trygons were going to hurt and I found out too late what they can do. 

My Upcoming events:

Local RTT Aug. 14 Mesa. AZ 1750 Points

So Cal Smackdown Sept. 4-5 Anaheim, CA. 2000 Points

Gathering in the Desert Sept. 11-12, Mesa, AZ. 1750 Points

Big Waagh, Oct. 2-3 Oakland, CA. 1850? Points

Looks like I will head on over to Da Boyz GT in Rochester NY Nov 12-13-14

So it looks like I have one month to get ready. That means I have to do a lot of prep games to get my mojo back. Also I need to finish an army. I am one slow painting guy, so I don't know how that will work out. If I can't finish it in time for the So Cal Smackdown I will just take my foot eldar.

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