Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Adepticon 2012

Well, another tournament season is over. It seems like the US tournament season goes from Adepticon in March-April to the November events (Mechanicon, Feast of Blades, Neoncon, etc.).

So I have the off season to work on next year’s army. There are a few events on my schedule I might go to before Adepticon like Boota Con in Mesa AZ in January, The Broadside Bash in February, and The Bay Area Open II in March before Adepticon.

So it is time to prepare for Adepticon 2012!!!
Lucky for me I jumped on the Adepticon bandwagon early because I thought that they would sell out very quickly, and what do you know? After about only 24 hours most of the 40k events have sold out!

So my question is, what army to bring to the Championships, and why am I asking this question now?
The reason why I need to ask the question now is that I am a chronic army switcher, and a slow painter and that is a bad combination. So often times I am playing with a half painted army in tournaments because I did not make up my mind until a week or two before the tournament. It is also the reason why I can win a tournament that does not have soft scores, but struggle in ones that do. The funny thing is that I am a good painter if I ever finish an army.

This year is Adepticon’s 10th anniversary and I wanted to do it right. I have had sporadic results there and I want to make an honest effort this time. Last year I took Demonhunters to Adepticon, and the year before that I took my Thousand Sons, so it is no wonder why I have had some trouble placing well in Adepticon’s Championships.

I was thinking about playing several armies and I think I will just stick with my Grey Knights. They give me the best chance to win if I want to take this event seriously. By then though, people will know the weaknesses of Paladins, and I will have more trouble winning with them but I believe in my list, and I think I will be OK. Also the Grey Knight codex will not be the new kid on the block, and the Necrons and other armies will take some of the luster off of them, so I hope I will not be one of 200 Grey Knight players there (I have a feeling I will be though).

So what do I do about appearance? Well if you have read this blog for a long time, and you have seen my avatar, I have been itching to do a pre-heresy Thousand Sons army. I have all of the bits and pieces for it and I also think they will look nice on the table top, as a Grey Knight army (I also won’t hurt either if GW comes out with a Chaos Legions book in the near future).

This is what I am thinking:
There is a resin Magnus the Red floating around and that would make for a good Draigo.
Librarian? Ahriman of course.
Then pre-heresy assault marines would look cool as interceptors.
Regular Marines as Grey Knights
Paladins as Magnus’s Coven
Dreads as well…dreads

The problem I have is the weapons. I need to re-check my Thousand Sons book by Graham McNeil and see what I can do about that. I need storm bolters and psycannons and I will need to think about conversions. Combi-bolters will work out well for the terminators, but the power armored marines will be an issue. It might be that I just give them bolters, and everyone knows that they are storm bolters since grey knights have no other weapons. Incinerators are easy because you just have someone doing psychic flames, but psycannons might be harder. Maybe some kind of magic effect, but I don’t know.


  1. I think I remember reading somewhere that the Thousand Sons had a large number of then-experimental Assault Cannons, which would work well for Psycannons.

  2. There is no off-season! Come to Australia for the Jan-April events =D including 3++con <3. There should have been a December event but they messed up organisation apparently.

  3. what if you model the Psycannons as Reaper Autocannons?

    if I recall, they were available. maybe not to regular thousand sons, you might have to bend the fluff a little bit to make it wysiwyg.
    You might have to bite the bullet and put real stormbolters on too. check on their 'counts as' rules. I'd hate to get to Adepticon, and be chipmunked by someone screaming about not having stormbolters.

  4. I've seen a lot of TS as GK using a "bolter on a stick" as the old style nemesis force halberds / custodian halberds, combining a pair of bolters with a sword or glaive from the tomb kings range.

    And I agree that you should follow wysiwyg no matter what.

    And by that I mean that a Storm Bolter has two barrels and a sword is a sword and a halberd is a halberd.

  5. Maybe I will magnetize or pin storm bolters and then later swap them out for bolters.

  6. I don't think you can get away with bolters as storm bolters. If I was playing at a Grand Tournament I would have a problem with that. But the idea sounds great!