Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blackmoor vs. the World

Over on YTTH blog I found this post that was in response to me challenging everyone who thinks that they can beat my list, to come and try. I was calling out everyone who is writing a check with their mouth that their play skill can't cash. It is easy to talk big on the internet, and hard to back it up on the table top:


Hold on a second, I think if everyone doesn't take this personally and steps back a bit there is a great opportunity here. This blog's goal is to better people's playing ability and this fits right in line with it.

We have Blackmoor who won with this elder list that is causing this back and forth debate about how good the list is or isn't. What we seem to actually have is someone willing to play any and all challengers who want a shot at his tourney winning list. So some battle reports of a throw down between his winning list against some other players could be a great learning tool. It will open the floor to open discussion about theory vs actual playing. In the end no matter who wins or doesn't win this is a win for the community in general. We could get some good content out of this that could lead to some great discussion about the game. PEOPLE COULD LEARN FROM THIS. All we need are some actual volunteers and for people to step back and not be all personal about it.

We also need some other things like non tailoring, bring a all comers list that you would normally bring and have a tourney style game with the man. Make a battle report, don't be an ass with something to prove. Show up and play like you would at a tourney, and let's get comments from both sides. A series of these reports if Blackmoor is game could like I said be really good for the community as a whole.

Drkmorals is right, and this could be a good learning experience for everyone.

I am not angry at people who say my list sucks, I find it rather amusing. I offer to drive to where you are is not out of nerd rage, but because I am new to Phoenix and I like to drive around and see some sights and go to different game shops.

I am always up for a game and a challenge, and I would like to post some batreps against tougher lists, and really test my play and my army and see how they stack up against them. Right now in tournament play I am 12-1-1 with that army and my one loss was only because the game ended on turn 4, and the tie was because it was a capture and control mission where my opponent just turtled up on his objective.

We can finally see if "Stelek-approved" lists can really beat a good tournament list. We can find out on the table top who will win in a matchup of theory hammer vs. proven lists.

A couple of notes: I will change my army around a little bit, but the core will remain the same.

I will also be at Empire Games Turkey Bowl RTT on Nov 14th-15th in Mesa, AZ, which will be a 5 game tournament, so if you want to play me anonymously, this is a good chance for you to do it.

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