Thursday, November 19, 2009

GT Circuit Events for 2010

Well, it looks like GW released the tournament circuit events for 2010.

I plan on going to the events below:

January2010Conquest Slaughter15th-17thSeattle

February2010Broadside Bash12th-14thLos Angeles (I did not like it last year, and I was not going to go, but now it looks like I will go and a lot of others will as well)


April2010Slaughter in SpaceTBDLos Angeles

June2010ConQuest Invasion26th-27thLos Angeles? (Never heard of this event/convention)

July201040K 'Ard Boyz Finals17thChicago (If I make it to the finals)


August2010Socal SlaughterTBDLos Angeles

It looks like a lot of trips to LA for me. I might go to more or less events depending on how well I do.


  1. Why aren't you going to the Phoenix events? They have 3 different dates listed from what I skimmed. I was rather let down that nothing in Kansas City materialized.

  2. I did not list the Phoenix events because I don't play Lord of the Rings.

    I should say that those are the 2010 events that I think I will go to, and I am a bit hazy about the 2011 ones since they are so far in the future, and I think more will be added. I am also surprised that the Wild West Shootout did not make the list, but it might be because Battlefoam is the sponsor, and GW hates 3rd party products.

  3. Doh, I didn't pay attention to the details for the events. Battlefoam is making quite a name for themselves, getting in partnership with FOW/Warmachine....