Sunday, November 1, 2009

A great take on Stelek crowd vs. Blackmoor part II

Clay went on to say:


@Frank- No, you don't have to be the Champ to recognize this, but re-read a lot of posts on this blog. Those not from Stelek.....

I stand by my point. Why aren't these guys, who run their mouths in the US about the state of the game, and the competition out there crushing the very guys they like to bad mouth? At least Stelek tries to get games in with those other guys, or invites them to his house, things like that. A lot of the "sheep" though, are just internet bullies with no intention of ever showing up in a competitive environment.

If they do/did, they certainly aren't going to come back here and post how they got smashed using these Best Of lists, I know that for a FACT. I know people who do it, but there is no negative feedback. There is no, "hey guys, I got smacked around using this list, here are the Battle reports, what did I do wrong" posts, have you seen any?

So that means 1 of 2 things are happening, either 1. They aren't losing(not true at all), or 2. They are embarrassed for losing, and due to the tone of Stelek's advice, they are afraid to post that they lost, cause they don't want their bandwagon friends stabbing them in the back and slamming their poor play.

Which do you think it is? So again, I ask. Why aren't they crushing us, there are more than enough of them. I'd love to see any one of them come in and destroy the tournament scene in Atlanta. It would drive the competition higher, and to me, thats a good thing. Sad thing is, the guys who have tried, haven't succeeded yet. I am not going to speak for those guys, but I wish they would post some battreps here and ask for advice on how to use the army they copied from here instead of just taking a beating over and over.



Blackmoor: Well said Clay. Why are these all of these "best lists" not dominating the tournament scene?

We have seen 3 major 40K events in the last few months (BolsCon, 'Ard Boyz, and Wild West Shootout) and they are all won by armies that Stelek and his clones hate. So I have to ask, where are these best of 5th edition lists that everyone over at YTTH love?

Do you know what my theory is? That people who depend on the hardest lists to win are often a little deficient in the skill arena and they use those lists to make up for their short comings. So what happens is that they win by over powering their local opponents and they don't learn good fundamental tactics so when they get to large tournaments they end up getting out-played by people who are better players.


  1. You forgot the Necro.

    But I think its more of a lot of these players play the lists but don't seem to play the mission or the other person's army. Some have poor tactical decisions or poor target priority.

  2. Nail on head. However, as I've posted before, these will be the excuses:

    a. tourney sucks
    b. other players suck
    c. all other armies suck.
    d. cheaters

    I'm betting 'a' and 'd' will be the most common.