Sunday, November 1, 2009

A great take on Stelek crowd vs. Blackmoor

Over on Stelek's block Clay wrote this:


Ya know, I come to this blog for several reasons.  There are some good lists here, and I like to argue, and at those times, it's pretty easy to find something I disagree with here and start into something.  But.....

There are lots of zombies/sheep/monkeys/whatever you Stelek clones call yourselves that bash every list, and battle report, all while promoting the ideas that are placed in your head.  That's all fine and dandy, but aren't you guys spread out over the country?

In the Atlanta area, we have several(5+) guys who believe the Stelek mantra, and they consistently show up with lists from here.  Would you like to guess what they have in common?  Other than ZERO tournament wins?  Oh, nothing I guess.  My point is, that there seem to be enough of you that just running your mouths here on this blog seems a waste.  Why aren't you out there DOMINATING the tournament scene?

Soft scores?  Where we play, we use checklists.  There is no COMP, and the painting and sportsmanship are checklisted.  Our lowest Sportsmanship in our last event was a 28 of 30.   While I am not here to debate if this is the right way to do things, it certainly makes Battle points king where we play.

Why aren't you guys out there kicking in heads and crushing all the naysayers?  There are like I said, 5+ living in Atlanta, and they don't win, well, EVER.  They win games, but they don't win tournaments. 

What I keep reading here, is; "So and so won blah blah blah event, but his list sucked and any one of us could have crushed it with our 5th edition lists"  So my question/challenge to you is, why werent you there?  Why arent you EVER there?

Get some T-Shirts, yes, really.  Get out there, show us what you mean.  The tournament scene isn't competitive?  Show up and win some events then, should be relatively easy from what you SAY on this blog.  Not a lot of bit behind that bark from what I've seen though.

Not a slam at all, but a challenge, yelling something on this blog about how great your lists are, and how good you are doesn't mean anything to me because skill is all relative.  Winning in (insert FLGS here) is all well and fine, but surely some of you are out there where these big tournaments are being held and can show up and play right?

Even if soft scores somehow hose you, you should finish high on the battle points chart, maybe some Best General awards?

This is not directly pointed at Stelek,  because I know where he lives, and traveling all around the country doesnt work for some.  But mainly you other "sheep", show up at some big events, win some stuff.  Specifically, come down to Atlanta, if you are near here, or post and let me know where you play that is near Atlanta, and I will try and attend those events as well.

Rant over.




Blackmoor: Well said Clay.

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