Monday, April 12, 2010

1750 Point Tournament last weekend

So I played in my FLGS's 1750 point RTT tournament this last weekend. I needed the tune up for the Slaughter in Space Tournament next weekend, so I took a pared down list of what I will be bringing. I think that is one of my problems is that I jump around from list to list and don't play for a long time and I get a little rusty. I need to hone my lists and my tactics by playing more frequently.

My List:


Demon Prince w/MoT, Warptime, Winds of Chaos, Wings

Demon Prince w/MoS, Lash, Wings


5 Thousand Sons Marines

1 Aspiring Sorcerer w/Winds of Chaos

Rhino w/Combi Flamer

9 Chaos Space Marines w/Lascannon, Plasma Gun

1 Aspiring Champion


9 Chaos Space Marines w/Lascannon, Plasma Gun

1 Aspiring Champion w/Power Fist

Heavy Support

3 Obliterators

3 Obliterators

3 Obliterators

No comp so I can bring what I wanted.

Game #1 vs. Word Bearers in Command and Control/Table Quarters

I know everyone hates KP missions but I hate this mission. I find it nearly impossible not to tie.

I played against Lash Sorcerer, 4 CSM in Rhinos, Land Raider w/Berserkers, and 2 Predators w/AC, HB

Turn #1

He went first and bum rushed me with his whole army.

I started shooting and not much going on. I had one rhino off to the side and I drove it around his rhino wall.

Turn #2

Next turn he drove at me again.

In my turn I unload and immobilize all of the front rhinos. I also had 3 oblits within 12" for Multi-melta shots on his Land Raider and I rolled a 2, 2, and a 1 to hit!!! Nooooo!

Turn #3

A pred kills my Rhino that was making the dash to his unprotected objective. His berserkers' w/Sorcerer kills my oblits that took the shots at the Land Raider.

My flanking rhino squad kills a pred with their powerfist. I get ready to lash the berserkers into WoC and assault range for the 2 Demon Princes, but I roll an 11 on the psychic test and fail to get Lash off, and they are out of charge range. I immobilize some more rhinos that were trying to drive around the others that were broken down.

Turn #4

He shoots up my Demon Princes and assaults my MoT DP with his berserkers. He kills a lot, but they bring him down. His CSM are now trying to run to my objective.

On my turn my other DP goes after a CSM squad and starts to butcher them. I start to run to his objective with the flanking CSM squad. My oblits are shredding CSMs.

Turn #5

He splits his Sorcerer and his berserkers and the sorcerer joins another CSM squad and Lashes my CSM squad out of their building, and he charges them and they end up getting in a big assault that is not going well for me. The berserkers charge my DP that is fighting a CSM squad and the DP kills the Berserkers before they get to swing (I like MoS even without lash) and the CSM break and get run down. He realizes that I have a squad that is headed to his unprotected objective so he shoots his immobilized Predator and Land Raider that them, and a squad that was in the rear gets out of their immobilized rhino and shoots them too.

In my turn my DP goes after the squad that is after my CSM squad that is running to his objective. I should have lashed them but I was on my last wound and I was worried about a PotW, and I thought that my assault would bring them 6" back anyways. My DP killed a lot of them, but they did his last wound and headed back toward my CSM again. In the big battle for my objective his Sorcerer and CSM were doing a number on my CSM so I tried to throw a couple of Oblit squads at them, but I rolled bad for S&P and could only get one unit in the fight, and I lost 2 of them to a powerfist. If the game ends now, I have my Thousand Sons on the objective and I win…but it does not end.

Turn #6

He shoots up my CSM that are almost on his objective and I can't make any saves. On his turn his sorcerer and his CSM win the combat with my CSM and oblit, but they look like they have been in a fight.

On my turn what is left of my CSM run on to his objective. My Thousand Sons get into the action, and quickly dispatch his Sorcerer and the 3 CSM that he had with him. If the game ends here I win with 2 objectives…but it does not.

Turn #7

He does not have much left, and he shoots my CSM on his objective and then assault and kills the one guy that was standing there after his shooting, and my Thousand Sons hold the other objective.

Tie game….grrrr!!!! If the game could have only ended!!!

Game #2 vs. Vulcan Salamanders in Command and Control/Table Quarters

Same stupid mission!!!

I will sum it up by saying that he had his 5-man squads with the heavy weapons in the back, and charged at me with the 5 man squads with the special weapons in rhinos/razorbacks. I killed the things headed to my objective without much of a sweat, and I had my Thousand Sons go after his objective just for kicks, but there was no way that he was going to get my objective, and there was no way I was going to get his, so we tied. Maybe is I could have summoned a couple of oblit squads off of the Thousand Sons squad, but I was afraid of Vulcan with the assault termies in the land raider, so I needed the firepower to blunt his charge.

Game #3 vs. Astral Claws in Kill Points Dawn of War

Huron Blackheart himself! I have never played against him before. He had an army like the first guy I played against with lots of CSM in rhinos+Huron, a Greater Demon, some lesser demons, 3 oblits, and a vindicator.

To sum it up, we danced around a bit and I shot the crap out of him. The highlight was that my MoT DP went after the Greater Demon and hacked him down in 2 rounds. Also Huron and the squad he was with were lined up so my Thousand Sons got out of their rhino and hit him with a WoC and rapid-fired them, and then charged what was left. My aspiring sorcerer wounded Huron with a force weapon, and without eternal warrior, that was it for him.

I win!!!

So I went 1-0-2 and got 3rd place which paid for my Blood Angels codex.

I learned a few things.

#1. My games were fast. Now that I used this army at Adepticon and now this weekend I am getting faster at it. The one thing that I found so frustrating with my Eldar was sweating getting the full game in. Eldar end up rolling so many dice that they take a while to play, and I want to get a full game in. Games ending early cost me many, many wins.

#2. I need more troops, and I wish I had the demons with me. 2 big unwieldy squads and one small special purpose squad were not cutting it.

#3. I should have put Warptime on my MoS DP. Warptime+DP is pure win!

I sent in my Slaughter in Space list, so I am stuck with it, but the only thing I would change is #3.


  1. Thanks for the write-ups.
    I have only played 10 games with my new Chaos Space Marine army and I have to agree that a DP with Warptime is extremely killy.
    Good luck at Slaughter.

  2. ARGH! That large space at the end! lol

    Anyway, good luck for Slaughter, yes, go with Warptime (!) lol

    And I hate C&C FAAAAARRRRRR more than KPs. KPs are okay, if far from ideal.

  3. Fixed the space :P

    C&C is a lot worse than KP. I hear about how a lot of people don't like KPs, but no one ever talks about that turd of a mission.