Saturday, April 3, 2010

Slaughter in Space

Well I had fun at Adepticon. I might write up my batreps for the Gladiator. I ended up going 3-1 with an unconventional list.

I had 2 bad and contentious games at the 40k championships, so I stopped taking pictures and was tanked on my soft scores. I went 1-0-2.

But it is time to put that behind me and move on to the next event, the Slaughter in Space.

Here is my 2000 point list:


Chaos Terminator Lord w/MoT, Death Screamer

Demon Prince W/Wings, MoT, Warptime

Summoned Greater Demon


3 Chaos Terminators w/Reaper Autocannon, Chainfist

Aspiring Terminator Champion w/Lightning Claws


8 Thousand Sons Marines

Aspiring Sorcerer w/Doombolt


8 Thousand Sons Marines

Aspiring Sorcerer w/Winds of Chaos


9 Lesser Demons

Heavy Support

Land Raider

3 Obliterators

3 Obliterators


I used an army like this at Adepticon and I scored high for paint, but it was ok on the tabletop. I took out the useless dreadnought and tightened up the assault units to make it a little harder. It is a well painted army, so it should do well there, and I am sticking to a Thousand Sons theme (9 models, MoT, etc.) so we will see how I do on the theme/comp scores.


I went with a Chaos Lord for the very first time since the 4th edition codex came out. The reason why is that I kept getting shut down in my psychic phase will all of the anti-psychic war gear that was out there, and he can shoot his weapon without worrying about being stopped. He also gives me some much needed assault help, but I wish he had a higher strength.

Demon Prince

Always a solid choice for a Chaos army. With a 4+ inv save and Warptime can do a number in assault.

Greater Demon

Never tried one out before, so we will see how he does. I need to kill a very expensive model (70 point sorcerer or 50 point terminator) to get him on the table. I need some units with a higher strength to handle some of the tough critters, and he should help out some.

Thousand Sons Marines

Always a good choice. They have their AP 3 bolters that they can move and shoot 24". They have a Rhino for movement and protection. They are weak in assault, but hopefully the HQ and Elites can help them out there.

Lesser Demons

What can I say? I needed a troop unit, and they are cheap. The models are well painted!

Land Raider

The old standby. They give some armies troubles (orks) and are a pain to kill and take a lot of fire-power to bring down. They are also good at taking my terminators to where they need to go.


They are a great unit. I wish I could take 3 units without worrying about taking a comp hit. I think I will bring 9 of them to BolsCons since they have 2000 point games with a 2 hour time limit, and I need a small and elite army that plays fast.


  1. Have you considered working out a BA equivalent, to see how it would look? I've been thinking about TSons in particular a lot today...Chaos gets neutered so much by each SM Dex it's pretty unfair.

  2. I made a new list that is a bit more powerful that I posted above.

    I do play a shooting version of chaos which everyone tells me that I should not do.

    And I do own I a Space Wolf and a Tyranid army that if I wanted to I can break out, so it is not just a matter of bringing the latest/greatest codex. Played well, I think there is still some tread left on the Chaos Codex's tire.

  3. Yeah, I meant more because...well - when I finish it I'll link you, and you can see what I mean. :)

    In a nutshell though, BA can afford more than Chaos even when trying the same things. It's not an exact match, but it's not far off, done correctly. Personally, I think that strong Chaos lists are still fine against all but IG, really.