Monday, April 12, 2010

Codex: Blood Angels

With my winnings of last week's RTT I finally bought myself a Blood Angels codex. I got to read a little bit of it over the weekend and I really liked what I saw. It is too bad that I do not play Space Marines or Blood Angels because I like the new codex more than that of the Space Wolves that I do own.


I know a lot of people are talking about all of the land raiders that they can take, and that they are falling from the sky, but here are a few things that I really like at first glance:


Baal Predators in the FA slot: That means that you can really load up on the AV 13 Predators if you want to when you combine it with the heavy support slots.


Assault Marines as troops: A lot of people look at these and they just look at the assault ability of them, but I like that they are troops that can move 12". I like the ability to get to where you need to go in a hurry without a rhino is very good.


Librarian Dreadnoughts: What is not to like about 2 of my favorite things combined into one model? I mean it is a

Librarian and a dreadnought!!!!


Stormraven transports: See the last 2 entries. They make the Blood Angels act more like Eldar with a fast moving transport. Not only that, but it can shoot some respectable shots when it needs to. The downside is that they are a little like the vendettas and are easy to down, but with a range of 72" with their missiles, they can sit back for a while before closing.


I was a bit surprised by Mephiston. I thought he would be a psychic monstrosity, and although his stats were nice, I was underwhelmed by his psychic powers.


So I might do a Night Lords army as a "counts as" one day, but I am still rocking the 3rd and 4th edition codex's.

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